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 Staff Directory

Name Title Phone E-mail
Feliciano Acevedo Detective 512-341-3108 Send Email 
Jeff Allen Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Sabina Allison Supervisor - Public Safety Communications 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Nick Atkinson Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Alain Babin Commander 512-218-5519 Send Email 
Allen Banks Chief of Police 512-218-5521 Send Email 
Darin Bayles Sergeant 512-671-2847 Send Email 
Blake Bearden Officer 512-218-5526 Send Email 
Jim Bell Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Kevin Bender Detective 512-671-2721 Send Email 
Lloyd Bird Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jason Brandes Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jason Bristow Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Greg Brunson Sergeant 512-671-2850 Send Email 
Chris Bryant Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Angela Butler Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Kristen Byrnes Crime Analyst 512-671-2806 Send Email 
Rosie Canales Administrative Associate 512-341-3140 Send Email 
Justin Carmichael Lieutenant 512-671-2855 Send Email 
Lynn Carmichael Officer 512-218-3253 Send Email 
Leigh Carrico Manager - Public Safety Communications 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Dee Carver Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Joshua Chadney Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Vinnie Cherrone Officer 512-218-6655 Send Email 
Scott Cheshire Evidence Technician 512-341-3397 Send Email 
Joseph Claypool Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Leah Cole Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Tracey Cole Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Caitlyn Combs Administrative Associate 512-218-5512 Send Email 
John Combs Detective 512-218-6653 Send Email 
Sampson Connell Sergeant 512-218-2849 Send Email 
Ryan Connolly Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Christopher Cox Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Aaron Crim Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Brittany Cunningham Animal Control Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Justin Davis Sergeant 512-218-6654 Send Email 
Alex Delarosa Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Stephanie Derrick Supervisor - Public Safety Communications 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Paula Dietz Crime Analyst 512-671-2848 Send Email 
Derrick Dillman Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Lauren Douglass Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Bob Drawbaugh Lieutenant 512-218-5529 Send Email 
Martina Drawbaugh Administrative Associate 512-218-5534 Send Email 
Ivonne Duran Administrative Assistant 512-218-5527 Send Email 
Jesse Eckard Lieutenant 512-218-6671 Send Email 
Troy Evans Assistant Chief 512-218-3252 Send Email 
Jay Ewing Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Rosanne Fisher Evidence Technician 512-341-3398 Send Email 
Martin Flores Sergeant 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Todd Forister Detective 512-671-2765 Send Email 
Randall Frederick Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Kevin Fruge Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Trellis Gaarder Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Barry Gamache Law Enforcement Support Technician 512-671-2719 Send Email 
Diane Gargano Law Enforcement Support Technician 512-671-2858 Send Email 
Marciano Garza Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Mary Gibson Communications Training Officer 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Grant Golden Lieutenant 512-218-5535 Send Email 
Melody Graham Administrative Associate 512-218-5511 Send Email 
Marc Gray Sergeant 512-218-3261 Send Email 
Marques Guntz Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Bennett Hall Lieutenant 512-671-2810 Send Email 
Tiffany Hall Crime Analyst 512-671-2767 Send Email 
Jerry Hallford Officer 512-424-8414 Send Email 
Stacie Hancock Supervisor - Records 512-218-5513 Send Email 
Kathrin Harrell Administrative Associate 512-218-3289 Send Email 
Corey Harris Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Thomas Hau Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Larry Hayes Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Paul Hernandez Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jeff Hill Detective 512-671-2720 Send Email 
Don Holland Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Brian Hollywood Detective 512-671-2766 Send Email 
Jason Huf Sergeant 512-671-2795 Send Email 
James Hunter Sergeant 512-218-5532 Send Email 
Shelby Ingles Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Dallas Jennings Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Benjamin Johnson Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jack Johnson Sergeant 512-671-2854 Send Email 
Sean Johnson Sergeant 512-218-6670 Send Email 
Laura Kauffman Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Jackie Keyes Communications Training Officer 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Jimmy Keyes Sergeant 512-671-2822 Send Email 
Ashley Killgore Animal Control Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Daniel Kilpatrick Detective 512-341-3103 Send Email 
Leigh Knight Detective 512-671-2826 Send Email 
Donald Knowles Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jeffrey Kopp Officer 512-218-5500  
Steven J. Kozak Police Officer  512-218-5500 Send Email 
Chris Kress Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Michael Krogmann Sergeant 512-671-2852 Send Email 
Jan Kubsch Administrative Associate 512-218-3263 Send Email 
Tracy Lawrence Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Justin LeFan Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Mike Losoya Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Luke Lovett Animal Control Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Elizabeth Luong Administrative Associate 512-218-3206 Send Email 
Tracy Lyke Crime Analyst 512-671-2708 Send Email 
Joshua Mackey Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Kacy Malish Administrative Associate 512-218-5514 Send Email 
Angelo Marmarinos Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Manuel Martinez Sergeant 512-218-6657 Send Email 
Kristen Mayo Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Kurt McBride Detective 512-671-2827 Send Email 
Cherish McClinton Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Steven McDaniel Sergeant 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Andy McKinney Lieutenant 512-218-6670 Send Email 
Nora Medrano Animal Control Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Noah Moncivais Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Rocco Montorello Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Damaris Morales Logistics Officer 512-218-6690 Send Email 
Sky Mount Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Angelique Myers Public Information Specialist 512-341-3168 Send Email 
Shane Myers Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Brian Neveu Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Shawn Normand Sergeant 512-671-2854 Send Email 
Mary Oliver Victims Services Coordinator 512-341-3124 Send Email 
Brett Orlich Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Lori Osborn Administrative Associate 512-218-6651 Send Email 
Mike Osborn Sergeant 512-671-2853 Send Email 
Domenique Pagan Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Stan Palk Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Amber Pearson Crime Analyst  512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jennifer Phagan Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Brian Quick Officer 512-671-2859 Send Email 
Louis Rackley Law Enforcement Support Technician 512-218-5497 Send Email 
Robert Ramos Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Adam Rankin Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Evan Ratcliff Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Michelle Real Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Brent Rechtfertig Police Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Kimberly Rendon Communications Training Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Willie Richards Commander 512-671-2714 Send Email 
Andrew Rivera Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Larry Roberson Accreditation Manager  512-218-6614 Send Email 
Jesse Rodriguez Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Rebecca Rodriguez Support Services Division Manager 512-218-5505 Send Email 
Rey Rodriguez Detective 512-218-3292 Send Email 
Robert Rosenbusch Lieutenant 512-218-3262 Send Email 
John Rowe Detective 512-218-3260 Send Email 
Shannon Saffel Officer 512-671-2859 Send Email 
Michael Salinas Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Robert Saucedo Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Lindsey Scheffler Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Dwight Schmidt Sergeant 512-671-2856  
John Schultz Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Katie Schumacher Supervisor - Evidence & Crime Scene 512-341-3130 Send Email 
Adrian Selvera Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Nick Simpson Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Stan Simpson Law Enforcement Support Technician 512-218-5520 Send Email 
Daniel Sitz Sergeant 512-341-3100 Send Email 
Tom Sloan sergeant 512-218-6664 Send Email 
Brent Smith Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Chris Smith Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Randy Snow Law Enforcement Support Technician 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jennifer Soto Logistics Officer 512-218-6675 Send Email 
Jeff Spencer Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Morgan Spencer Law Enforcement Support Technician 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Todd Spradlin Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Tracy Staggs Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Lisa Stem Animal Control Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Riley Stowe Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jim Stuart Commander 512-218-5522 Send Email 
Doug Teiber Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Joe Teiber Inspection Coordinator 512-218-3120 Send Email 
Deborah Thach Communications Training Officer 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Anita Todd Crime Scene Specialist 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Mayra Toro Supervisor - Public Safety Communications 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Tim Travis Lieutenant 512-218-6667 Send Email 
Will Trevillion Officer 512-341-3101 Send Email 
Rosie Troeger Victim Services Advocate 512-218-6663 Send Email 
Jessica Turner Animal Control Supervisor 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jeff Uhrig Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Ardeen Urbantke Reserve Officer 512-218-6668 Send Email 
Rigo Valles Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Bernie Villegas Detective 512-671-2709 Send Email 
Sherrill Voll Crime Analyst 512-671-2722 Send Email 
Jessyka Vyner Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Charles Wadley Detective 512-671-2718 Send Email 
Angela Walker Communications Training Officer 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Tracy Wardlow Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Bodie Warren Officer 512-218-6638 Send Email 
Jason Watson Detective 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Alicia Watts Crime Scene Specialist 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Rebecca Weaver Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Hunter Webb Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jacob Weinstein Detective 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Rick White Manager - Crime Analysis & Statistics 512-218-5524 Send Email 
Charles Whites Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Gary Wise Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Amanda Wood Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Christopher Ybarra Sergeant 512-218-6683 Send Email 
Brian Young Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Devin Zepeda Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Nathan Zoss Sergeant 512-218-5530 Send Email 

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