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 Staff Directory

Parks & Recreation
Name Title Phone E-mail
Felipe Aleman Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
Jillian Arthur Business System Analyst 512 341-3357 Send Email 
Rick Atkins Director 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Jorge Avina Parks Crew Leader 512-218-5540  
Ron Ayala Park Maintenance II 218-5540 Send Email 
Katie Baker Park Development Specialist 512-341-3355 Send Email 
Arian Bamsch Brush Recycling Center Rep. 512-341-3359 Send Email 
Sean Bedner Maint. Crew Leader 218-5540 Send Email 
Lawrence Behringer Recreation Assistant 512-218-5499  
David Buzzell Parks Development Manager 512-341-3345 Send Email 
Rudy Canchola Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Al Carlin Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Orlando Carlin CMRC PM Shift Leader 512-341-3388  
Drew Chatman Aquatics Supervisor 512-341-3367 Send Email 
Jason Cooper Forestry Tech 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Manuel Corona Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
James Couch Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Wade Crimbring Senior Park Ranger 512-341-3150 Send Email 
Reggie Davidson Recreation Manager 512-218-3272 Send Email 
Aileen Dryden Park Development Specialist 512-341-3375 Send Email 
Reshard Durdley Park Ranger 512-801-8795 Send Email 
Davetta Edwards CMRC Office Manager 512-218-3221 Send Email 
Layne Elbers Pool Specialist II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Janie Flores Administrative Tech. I 512-218-3214  
Oscar Flores Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
Mary Fusilier Administrative Assistant 512-341-3354 Send Email 
Xavier Garcia Pool Specialist II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Albert Garza Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
Kelly Gaydos Recreation Coordinator-Athletics 512-671-2881 Send Email 
Kenneth Goldwire Parks Supervisor 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Randy Gordon Parks Manager 341-3340 Send Email 
Todd Gore Brush Recycling Center Rep. 512-341-3359 Send Email 
Roger Heaney Marketing/Communications/Media Relations 512-341-3361 Send Email 
Mary Hemenes CMRC supervisor 512-341-3383 Send Email 
Brittany Holmstrom CMRC Weekend Shift Leader 512-341-3388  
Emsud Horozovic Forestry Manager 512-341-3350 Send Email 
Carol Isaacks Baca Center Office Manager 512-218-5499 Send Email 
Ryan Johnson Construction/Maintenance Foreman 512 341-3349 Send Email 
Johnnie Keith Parks Supervisor 512-218-5544 Send Email 
Willie Keith Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Padraig Lavin Custodian 512-218-5499 Send Email 
J.J. Lillibridge Recreation Program Coordinator 512-218- Send Email 
Teresa Marrs Administrative Tech. I 512-218-3214  
Donald Marshall Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
Cath Martel Athletics/Aquatics Manager 512-341-3342 Send Email 
Manuel Martinez Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Mingo Martinez Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
Deborah McRoberts Baca Center Supervisor 512-218-5499 Send Email 
Ralph Montemayor Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
Simon Montemayor Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
Dawn Moonan Baca Center Recreation Program Coordinator 512-218-5499 Send Email 
Chris Moskal Forestry Tech. 512-218-5540  
Richard Offield Forestry Tech 512-218-5540 Send Email 
John Olloway CMRC AM Shift Leader   
Hugo Ortiz Parks Maintenance Crew Leader 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Andreas Perez Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Baltazar Ramirez Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
Esteban Ramirez Parks Maintenance Crew Leader 512-218-5540  
Abel Reynaga Forestry Tech. 512-218-5540  
Michael Reynaga Brush Recycling Center Rep. 512-341-3359 Send Email 
Ken Rogers Forestry Crew Leader 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Jordan Sims Park Maintenance I 512-218-5540  
John Soliz Parks Crew Leader 512-218-5540  
Ricci Strayhorn Arborist 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Jenene Uhrig-Jeffries Athletics/Aquatics Supervisor 512-341-3362 Send Email 
Juan Vega Park Maintenance I 512-218-5540  
Monica Warren Custodian 512-218-5499 Send Email 
Paul Wayne Baca Center Bus Driver 512-218-5499 Send Email 
Timothy Weaver Park Maintenance II 218-5540 Send Email 
Kenny Wilkison Parks Crew Leader 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Selisa Woessner Recreation Program Coordinator 512-341-3343 Send Email 
Joey Young Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Mary Zambrano Administrative Associate 512-341-3356 Send Email 

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