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 Staff Directory

Utilities & Environmental Services
Name Title Phone E-mail
James Albers System Mechanic Crewleader 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Carlos Amaro Meter Services Representative 512-218-5581 Send Email 
Gabriel Arriaga Meter Services Representative 512-218-5555 Send Email 
Gordon Badhiwala Water Treatment Plant Operator Sr. 512-218-5582 Send Email 
Joe Balandran Recycling Attendant 512-218-7047  
Ryan Beardmore Engineering Technician Sr. 512-671-2752 Send Email 
Jeff Bell Project Manager Sr. 512-218-7076 Send Email 
Joe Bingham Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Allen Brantley Utility Services Worker 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Malcolm Brown Utility Services Supervisor 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Jonas Cabillan Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568  
Martin Camacho Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Chisolm Cardwell Recycling Attendant 512-218-7047  
Tim Carroll Recycling Attendant 512-218-7047 Send Email 
Magic Chambers Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Steven Clark Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Carlos Cortez Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Jesse Desha Meter Services Supervisor 512-671-2770 Send Email 
Raynice Earl Administrative Technician 512-218-5555 Send Email 
Nathaniel Eder Utility Services Worker  Send Email 
Mark Edwards Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Felix Esparza Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Harold Faulkner Water Treatment Plant Operator Sr. 512-218-5582 Send Email 
Roy (Buddy) Franklin Utility Services Superintendent 512-218-5578 Send Email 
David Freireich Utility Engineering Manager 512-671-2756 Send Email 
Jose Galvez Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Joe Garcia Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Rolando Garcia Utility Crewleader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Alysha Girard Stormwater Manager 512-218-6646 Send Email 
Nathan Godfrey Utility Services Worker 512-218-5555 Send Email 
Robert Gracia Utility Crewleader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Richard Guillory Utility ServicesTechnician 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Danny Halden City Engineer 512-218-6610 Send Email 
Chad Hansen System Mechanic 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Bobby Hepner Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Paul Hernandez Utility Services Supervisor 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Tracy Herring Environmental Services Supervisor 512-218-5559 Send Email 
James Hollingsworth Utility Services Worker 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Garland Horelica Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Mark Hurd Utility System Mechanic Supervisor 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Billy Jeschke Utility Services Technician 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Rick Jones Field Laboratory Technician 512-218-5559  
Eric Juarez Meter Service Representative Sr. 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Christy Justice Administrative Assistant 512-671-2755 Send Email 
Harold Kaderka System Mechanic Sr. 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Jeffery Knebel Pretreatment Compliance Specialist 512-218-5561 Send Email 
Chase Knowlton Meter Services Representative Sr. 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Katherine Lansdowne Environmental Laboratory Analyst 512-218-5561 Send Email 
David Logan Water Treatment Plant Operator Sr. 512-218-5582 Send Email 
Gabrielle Lopez Administrative Associate 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Kim Lutz Utility Services Manager 512-341-3333 Send Email 
Justin Marshall Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Joey Martinez Meter Service Representative Sr. 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Ronny Maynard Meter Service Representative Sr. 512-218-5575 Send Email 
James McDonald Stormwater Technician 512-218-6602 Send Email 
Richard Medrano Utility Services Superintendent 512-218-5564 Send Email 
David Morales Utility Services Supervisor 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Jose Morales Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Alan Moreno Utility Crewleader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Daniel Ochoa Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Sharon Parker Administrative Associate 512-341-3179 Send Email 
Greg Pate Utility Services Technician 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Robert Peters Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Justin Peterson Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Mike Pompa Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Brandon Pritchett SCADA Technician 512-218-5582  
Aaron Ramirez Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Miguel Ramirez Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Richard Reedy GIS Analyst 512-218-6606 Send Email 
Barth Reid Utility Crewleader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Jordan Rendon System Mechanic 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Joseph Rendon Meter Services Representative Sr. 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Michele Risko Laboratory Analyst Sr. 512-218-5561 Send Email 
Joel Rogers Utility Services Worker 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Kelli Rogers Administrative Associate 512-218-5556 Send Email 
Alfredo Rubalcava Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Don Rundell Chief Utility Engineer 512-218-5554 Send Email 
Arturo Saldivar Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Cayetano Saldivar Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Lance Shellenberger Project Manager Sr. 512-218-6609 Send Email 
Justin Shilander Utility Services Worker 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Kirk Sholars System Mechanic Crewleader 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Nicholas Siptrott Utility Services Worker 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Lewis Smith System Mechanic 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Christopher Spencer Utility Services Superintendent 512-341-3183 Send Email 
Mickey Swatsell Water Treatment Plant Operator Sr. 512-218-5582 Send Email 
Willie (Guillermo) Tapia System Mechanic Crewleader 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Cam Tate Water Treatment Plant Operator Sr. 512-218-5582 Send Email 
Michael Thane Director of Utilities 512-218-3236 Send Email 
Anja Thissen Administrative Associate 512-218-5559 Send Email 
Jacob Tibbits Utility Services Worker 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Gerardo Valdovinos Utility Services Worker 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Alfredo Vences Utility Services Supervisor 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Luis Vences Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Victor Vences Utility Services Worker 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Francisco Vicent Utility Operations Manager 512-218-5577 Send Email 
Jimmy Vrabel Engineering Technician - Senior 512-218-6604 Send Email 
Eddie Weiss Shop Supervisor 512-218-5565 Send Email 
Rick Whisenant Utility Services Technician 512-218-5570 Send Email 
Paul White Utility Services Technician 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Tiffany White Stormwater Technician Sr. 512-671-2867 Send Email 
Terrell Wilkey Utility Systems Analyst 512-341-3145 Send Email 
Jessica Woods Water Conservation Coordinator 512-671-2872 Send Email 
Eddie Zapata Project Manager Sr. 512-218-6605 Send Email 

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