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 2004 Round Rock City Survey Questions and Results
City Services

Every two years, the City of Round Rock conducts a survey of its citizens to see how well the city government is meeting their needs and to determine the issues of concern to them. Below are the specific questions from the survey and the results. Analysis by Jeff Montgomery of Montgomery & Associates.

Other city services

Key survey findings

Local city services
Residents were asked to rate each city service as either excellent, good, average, below average or poor. Residents were then asked if specific city services were getting better, getting worse, or staying about the same.

Fire Department
Excellent: 36.8 percent
Good: 45.8 percent
Average: 8.3 percent
Below average: 0 percent
Poor: 0 percent
Don't know/No opinion: 9.3 percent
Analysis: The fire department was in a close third place in 2002, but was in a statistical tie for first place this year, with 82.6% rating it “excellent” (36.8%) or “good” (45.8%). 8.3% say the fire department is average; none say it is below average or poor; 9.3% had no opinion. That’s a slight improvement over 2002, when 77.3% gave the department a positive rating and only 1.4% said it was below average or poor. (Those numbers, in turn, were almost identical to 2000’s and just barely higher than 1998’s—as we noted at that time, high ratings are typical for fire departments in general.) The department’s numbers stayed high across the board in every demographic group. 
Trash collection
Excellent: 28.8 percent
Good: 51.8 percent
Average: 16.3 percent
Below average: 0.8 percent
Poor: 1 percent
Don't know/No opinion: 1.5 percent

Analysis: The people of Round Rock’s love affair with their trash collection service continues: 80.6% describe trash collection services as “excellent” (28.8%) or “good” (51.8%). 16.3% say trash collection is average; 1.8% say it is below average (0.8%) or poor (1%); 1.5% had no opinion.

These numbers are extremely close to 2002, when the service had an 80.8% positive rating and a 2.8% negative rating.  We saw similar numbers in 2000 and 1998 for trash collection, which is outsourced to Round Rock Refuse. As we’ve said in the past, numbers like these are usually reserved for city police and fire departments; Round Rock Refuse is keeping the citizens of Round Rock very happy. 

Police Department
Excellent: 28.8 percent
Good: 47.3 percent
Average: 16.3 percent
Below average: 2.3 percent
Poor: 2 percent
Don't know/No opinion: 3.5 percent

Analysis: The police departments’ numbers took a jump last year to a 79.3% positive rating, and they stayed in that range this year with 76.1% rating the department “excellent” (28.8%) or “good” (47.3%). 16.3% say the police department is average; 4.3% say it is below average or poor; 3.5% had no opinion. These are excellent numbers.  
City Parks
Excellent: 25.3 percent
Good: 44.3 percent
Average: 21.8 percent
Below average: 2 percent
Poor: 2 percent
Don't know/No opinion: 4.8 percent

Analysis: City parks are in a statistical tie for fourth place, with 69.6% describing city parks as “excellent” (25.3%) or “good” (44.3%). 21.8% say they are average; 4% say they are below average or poor; 4.8% had no opinion.

That’s a small but distinct improvement over 2002, when 61.8% gave city parks a positive rating and 8.4% said they were below average or poor (These numbers were very close to the 2000 numbers and a bit below the 1998 positive rating.) The parks department has reason to be proud of this improvement.

Water and wastewater service
Excellent: 15 percent
Good: 54.5 percent
Average: 22.3 percent
Below average: 3 percent
Poor: 2.8 percent
Don't know/No opinion: 2.5 percent 
Analysis: 69.5% describe water and wastewater service as “excellent” (15%) or “good” (54.5%). 22.3% say it is average; 5.8% say it is below average or poor; 2.5% had no opinion. That’s almost identical to the numbers the department has received in the past: in 2002, for example, the water and wastewater service received a 66.6% positive rating and a 5.1% negative rating. As before, these numbers are excellent. 

Round Rock Library
Excellent: 35.5 percent
Good: 33.5 percent
Average: 11.3 percent
Below average: 1.8 percent
Poor: 1.3 percent
Don't know/No opinion: 16.8 percent

Analysis: 69% describe the library services as “excellent” (35.5%) or “good” (33.5%). That, incidentally, is by far one of the highest “excellent” ratings in this sequence of questions—second only to the fire department’s “excellent” rating.  11.3% say library services are average; 3.1% say they are below average or poor; 16.8% had no opinion. This rating suggests that if the library were better known—that is, if fewer people said “no opinion” — it might have joined the fire, police, and trash services in the top tier.

That’s nearly identical to 2002, when 71.6% gave library services a positive rating and are average; 2.2% say they are below average or poor; 14.5% had no opinion. It’s also very close to 2000 and an improvement over 1998, when the numbers were already good.   

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Other city services
As we have seen in past surveys, a large percentage of the population—in this case, 38.5%—simply do not know enough about the municipal court to offer an opinion. But the court does well among those who are familiar with it. 40.8% rate municipal courts as “excellent” (9.3%) or “good” (31.5%), 17.5% say “average,” and only 3.3% call them below average or poor. As in all our past surveys, although the positives are low due to people’s unfamiliarity with the courts, the positive-negative ratio is very good. The numbers are nearly identical to those in 2002, 2000, and 1998.

Transportation planning remains in last place as the least positively-viewed city service. Only 24.4% describe transportation planning as “excellent” (3.5%) or “good” (20.9%) 28.6% say it is average; 29.2% say it is below average or poor; 17.8% had no opinion.

In 2002, 20.3% gave transportation planning a positive rating, so the increase in positive rating this year is within the margin or error and hence not statistically significant. However, the decrease in the negative rating since 2002 is substantial: in 2002, 41.1% called the service below average or poor. This year, that negative number is 11.9 points lower—a definite move in the right direction for this service. This continues the improving trend from 2000, when 51.5% said the service was below average or poor.

(Also, this year’s positive of 24.4% is an improvement over the 2000 positive rating of 17.2%, so the numbers are definitely moving in a good direction.)

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