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Children Children
 Bilingual Spanish Storytime
 Rockin' Readers
 Summer Reading Program
abc.pdf  ABC Story List
all_about_me.pdf  All About Me Story List
animals1.pdf  Animal Story List1
animals2.pdf  Animal Story List2
stories_about_bedtime.pdf  Bedtime Story List
cars.pdf  Car Story List
christmas.pdf  Christmas Story List
clothes.pdf  Clothes Story List
community_helpers.pdf  Community Helper Story Lists
stories_about_dogs.pdf  Dogs Story List
stories_about_fall.pdf  Fall Story List
fall_foods.pdf  Fall Foods Story List
farm_animals.pdf  Farm Animal Story List
stories_about_friends.pdf  Friends Story List
furry_animals.pdf  Furry Animal Story List
halloween.pdf  Halloween Story List
hearing_and_sound.pdf  Hearing Story List
holiday.pdf  Holiday Story List
jungle.pdf  Jungle Animal Story List
rhyme.pdf  Rhyming Story List
sounds.pdf  Sounds Story List
summer.pdf  Summer Story List
friends_valentines.pdf  Valentine Story List
week6.pdf  Peek-a-boo! I Love You
songs_rhymes.pdf  Songs & Rhymes
activities.pdf  Fun Activities to do with your baby at home
others.pdf  Great Books, DVDs, Videos
week4.pdf  Wiggles, Giggles, & Bubbles
week1.pdf  Babies from Head to Toe
week2.pdf  Rhyme Time
week3.pdf  Animal Fun
goodbooks.pdf  Good Books to Get Started
week5.pdf  Bedtime for Baby
114982662006filmforkids.pdf  Films for kids -- July 2006
rrpl_vouchers.pdf  Voucher to Barnes & Noble
1_gr_updated_2007_for_binder.pdf  Grade 1 Reading List
2_gr_2007_for_binder.pdf  Grade Level 2 Reading List
3_updated_2007_for_binder.pdf  Grade Level 3 Reading List
4_rr_grlev_2007_1_colimn.pdf  Grade Level 4 Reading List
5_grade_updated_2006_for_binder.pdf  Grade Level 5 Reading List
6th_gr_jj_2006.pdf  Grade Level 6 Reading List
young_toddlers.pdf  Reading List for Young Toddlers
first_favorites_for_young_children_updated_2006_ordered_for_binder.pdf  First Favorites for Young Children
beginning_er_series_list__rr__2007.pdf  Beginning Readers
ages_3_to_6_updated_2006.pdf  Ages 3 to 6
birth_to_3_2006_ordered_for_binder.pdf  Birth to Age 3
2009_printz.pdf  Michael Printz Award Winners
belpre_2009.pdf  Pura Belpre Award Winners
2009_2x2_rr.pdf  2 X 2 Reading List
tayshas_09-10_table_format.pdf  TAYSHAS Reading List
bluebonnet_09-10_table_1_column.pdf  Bluebonnet Award Reading List
volunteer_rules_and_ethics___parental_waiver.pdf  Volunteer Rules and Ethics/Parental Waiver
intro.doc  Children's 2010 first reading log intro
trc_daily_word_log.doc  Children's 2010 first reading log
5_hour_log_for_teens.docx  Teen 2010 Reading Log
1141421762010intro.doc  Directions for 5 hour log
trc_time_en_br.pdf  Correct First 5 hour reading log
2010_lone_star_table.doc.doc  Lone Star Reading List 2010
bluebonnet_2010_table_1_column.doc  Bluebonnet Reading List 2010
counting_jj_table_2010_one_column.doc  Counting Books
2010_2x2_rr_one_column.doc  2 X 2 2010 Reading List
2010_lone_star_table.pdf  Lone Star 2010
bluebonnet_2010_table_1_column.pdf  Bluebonnet Award Nominees 2010
2010_2x2_rr_one_column.pdf  2 X 2 Reading List 2010
fractured_ft__jj_rr_2009_1_column.pdf  Fractured Fairy Tales
percy_jackson_series_rr_read_a_likes_shorter_1_column.pdf  If you Like Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan
harry_potter_rr_half_sheet.pdf  If you Like Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling
diary_of_a_wimpy_kid_read_1_column.pdf  If you Like Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney
superheroes_1_column.pdf  Superheroes and More
princesses.pdf  Princess Stories
bluebonnet_2011-12_table_1column.pdf  Texas Bluebonnet Nominees 2011-2012
2011_lone_star_table.pdf  Lone Star Reading List 2011
2011_cald.pdf  Caldecott 2011
newbery_2011.pdf  Newbery 2011
new_baby_annotated.pdf  New Baby
39_clues_one_column.pdf  If you like the 39 clues
tayshas_2011-2012table_format.pdf  Tayshas Reading List 2011-12
souper_stories_for_website_2012.pdf  Souper Stories Storytime 2012
mouse_tales_for_website_2012.pdf  Mouse Tales Storytime Handout
happy_birthday_rocksssanne_for_website_2012.pdf  Happy Birthday Rocksssanne Storytime
good_luck__lunar_new_year_for_website_2012.pdf  Good Luck - Lunar New Year Storytime
night_and_shadows_for_website_2012.pdf  Nighttime and Shadows Storytime
pets_for_website_2012.pdf  Pets Storytime
stories_that_rhyme_for_website_2012.pdf  Stories that Rhyme Storytime
firefighters_for_website_2012.pdf  Firefighters Storytime
baby_animals_for_website_2012.pdf  Baby Animals Storytime
colors_handout_for_website_2012.pdf  Colors Storytime
wild_west_for_website_2012.pdf  Wild West Storytime
silly_stories_color.pdf  Silly stories
storytelling_and_puppets.pdf  Storytelling and puppets
birds.pdf  Birds
backyard_animals_for_web.pdf  Backyard animals
bugs_color.pdf  Bugs
guess_who.pdf  Guess who?
sing_a_story.pdf  Sing a Story
favorite_things.pdf  Favorite Things 2012
family_reading_challenge_in_columns.pdf  Family Reading Challenge
get_a_clue_for_web.pdf  Get a Clue...at your Library!
magic_for_web.pdf  Magic
it_s_a_mystery_2012.pdf  It's a mystery!
animals_hiding_for_web.pdf  Animals Hide
in_the_dark_2012.pdf  In the Dark 2012
dinosaurs_2012.pdf  Dinosaurs 2012
what_an_adventure__2012.pdf  What an adventure 2012
abc_123_2012.pdf  ABCs and 123s
community_helpers_week_2012.pdf  Meet Our Community Helpers 2012
monkeys_2012_for_web.pdf  Monkeys 2012
15465216102012monkeys_2012_for_web.pdf  Monkeys 2012
great_big_world_2012.pdf  Great Big World 2012
what_s_the_buzz.pdf  What's the buzz? (Bees and honey)
bears_2012.pdf  Bears 2012
monsters_2012_for_webpage.pdf  Monsters 2012
pretend_color_-_2.pdf  Pretend Playtime
halloween_2012.pdf  Halloween 2012
1014310112012pop__2012.pdf  Pop!
race_cars_2012_for_web.pdf  Race cars
toys_2012_color.pdf  Toys
mouse_tales_color_nov_2012.pdf  Mice December 2012
giving_2012.pdf  Gifts and giving 2012
brrrr_2013_for_website.pdf  Brrr! It's winter!
pajamas_2013_color.pdf  Pajama time
hb_rocksssanne_2013_for_website.pdf  Happy birthday Rocksssanne 2013
lost_and_found_2013_for_website.pdf  Lost and found 2013
lost_and_found_2013.pdf  Lost and found 2013 (2)
farm_animals_2013_for_web.pdf  Farm life
farm_animals_2_2013.pdf  More fun on the farm
rodeo_2013_color.pdf  Rodeo 2013
get_outside_2013_for_web.pdf  Go outside
please__and_thank_you_.pdf  Mind your manners
things_that_grow_2013_for_web.pdf  What grows?
jungle_animals_2013_for_web.pdf  Jungle animals 2013
hidden_inside__2013.pdf  Hidden inside 2013
when_you_can_t_read_just_one_2013_for_web.pdf  Great series books for kids
dancing_2013_for_web.pdf  Dancing 2013
try_something_new_2013_for_web.pdf  Try something new!
fun_with_numbers_2013_for_web.pdf  Fun with math concepts
ocean_animals_2013.pdf  Who digs at the beach?
animal_diggers_2013_for_web.pdf  Animal diggers
animal_diggers_ii_2013_for_web.pdf  Animal diggers II
bugs_color_2013_for_web.pdf  Creepy crawlies
nighttime_magic_2013_for_web.pdf  Nighttime Magic
the_ants_go_marching_2013_for_web.pdf  Ants are no picnic!
pets_2013_for_web.pdf  Pet Spectacular
121347572013let_s_be_friends_2013_for_web.pdf  Let's be friends
caves_2013_for_web.pdf  Exploring Caves
dinosaurs_2013_color.pdf  Dinosaurs 2013
underground_2013_for_web.pdf  Under the earth 2013
dancing_and_fun_august_2013_for_web.pdf  Have a ball! Dancing and Play 2013
1640422592013let_s_play.pdf  Let's Play 2013
1641482592013sing_a_story_2013.pdf  Sing a Story 2013
super_stories_2013_for_web_.pdf  Super Stories 2013
reading_log.pdf  1KB4K Reading Log
listen_closely__2013_for_web.pdf  Rhymes Listen Closely 2013
not_afraid_of_the_dark_2013_for_web.pdf  Not afraid of the dark 2013
favorite_characters_2013.pdf  Favorite characters 2013
pretend_2013_for_web.pdf  Pretend 2013
let_s_choose_a_good_book.pdf  Let's choose 2013
families_2013_for_web.pdf  Families 2013
caldecott_nominees_2013.pdf  Caldecott nominees 2013
fall_foods_2013.pdf  Fall and Fall Foods 2013
beginning_er_series_list_-_2014_-_andrea_with_web_links.pdf  Beginning Reader bibliography 2014

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