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2011 Documents 2011 Documents
152540301120101.__pard_spnsorships_mmpp_rfp_10-915-25.pdf  MMPP Final RFP Document #11-001
addendum_no.1_rfp__11-001_round_rock_municipal_marketing_partnership_program.pdf  Addendum #1 RFP#11-001 MMPP (Signed)
addendum_11-001.pdf  11-001 MMPP Sponsorship Addendum
15343918112010addendum_11-001.pdf  11-001 Addendum SIGNED
11-001_addendum__2.pdf  11-001 Addendum #2 Signed
tabulation_for_website__11-001_.pdf  #11-001 Tabulation MMPP
1._11-023_depository_consultant_services_06.2011.docx  11-023 Banking Depository Consultant
1.__11-022_cdbg_june_2011_solicitation_final.pdf  11-022 CDBG Home Repairs Solicitation Document
11-028_ifb_video_production_system_for_temp_council_chambers_05-2011-final.docx  11-028 Video Production System
solicitation_tab.pdf  11-028 Tabulation
11-029_ifb_play_for_all_abilities_surfacing_final.pdf  11-029 Park Surfacing IFB Final
1._11-019_generator_maint-dated_03.2011-final.pdf  11-019 Generator Maintenance-FINAL
11-003_addendum__2.pdf  11-003 Addendum #2
11-022_cdbg_homes_repairs_addendum__1.pdf  11-022 Addendum #1
11-022_bid_tab.pdf  11-022 Bid Tabulation
1.__11-022_cdbg_june_2011_solicitation_final_with_addendum.pdf  11-022 CDBG FINAL with ADDENDUM
q_and_a.pdf  11-023 Depository Consultant Q&A
11-029_addendum__1.pdf  11-029 Addendum #1
addendum__2.pdf  11-024 Addendum #2
11-029_bid_tab_with_new_language.pdf  11-029 Tabulation
823101472011solicitation_tab.pdf  11-023 Tabulation
demand_response_rfp_v3_071511_final.pdf  11-033 Demand Response Bus Service RFP Final
11-032_ifb_expired_fluid_recovery_final.pdf  11-032 Used Fluid Recovery Service
addendum_no._1_to_solicitation_11-002.pdf  11-002 Play for All Addendum #1
161857232011addendum___2.pdf  Addendum No. 2 - Generator bid
11-026_ifb_water_meter_boxes_05-2011.docx  11-026 Water Meter Boxes
solicitation_tab-public.pdf  11-019 Tabulation
11-025_rfq_fire_station_no_5_renovation-final.docx  11-025 RFQ-Fire Station #5 Renovation
q_and_a.docx  Question & Answers - 11-019
10245124201111-019_generator_maint-dated_03.2011.doc  11-019 Generator Maintenance Re-Bid v 2
1.__11-024_ifb_solicitation_document_final.pdf  11-024 Water Treatment Chemicals IFB FINAL
11-024_addendum__1.pdf  11-024 Addendum #1
backup_of_lease_09-10.doc  Lease Purchasing Financing HB
backup_of_lease_09-10.pdf  11-034 Lease Purchase Finance HB PDF
1533192072011backup_of_lease_09-10.pdf  Lease Purchase Finance HB - Final v2
11-024_bid_tab.pdf  11-024 Bid Tabulation
113032672011addendum__1.pdf  11-032 Used Fuid Recovery Addendum #1
11-032_q_a.pdf  11-032 Q&A
11-033_q__a_-_jb_8211_final.pdf  11-033 Q&A
11-033_addendum__1_8211_final.pdf  11-033 Addendum #1
8._11-030_addendum_1.pdf  11-030 Addendum 1
11-033_pre-solicitation_meeeting_sign_in_sheet.pdf  11-033 Pre-Proposal Meeting Sign-In
1._11-031_building_construction_trades-ifb.docx  11-031 Building Construction Trades
1511168820111._11-035_hvac__plumbing___electrical_trades-ifb.docx  11-035 HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Trades
11-034_solicitation_tab.pdf  11-034 Solicitation Tab
11-032_bid_tab.pdf  11-032 Bid Tabulation
11-020_rfp-fd_training_facility_08.2011.docx  11-020 Fire and Police Training Facility Consultant
11-031_addendum_1.pdf  11-031 Addendum 1
11-035_addendum_1.pdf  11-035 Addendum 1
11-033_respondent_list.pdf  11-033 Respondent List
1._citywide_fuel_card_services_07.2011.docx  11-030 Fuel Card Services
intelligent_transportation_system_-_rfi_final.pdf  ITS RFI #11-027
1112232582011intelligent_transportation_system_-_rfi_final.pdf  ITS RFI #11-027 FINAL v2
_11-014_ifb_wlm_and_wwlm_parts_final_8-25-11.pdf  11-014 WLM and WWLM Parts IFB
16._solicitation_response_tab.pdf  Response Tabulation
1._citywide_fuel_card_services_final.pdf  11-030 Fuel Card Services FINAL
11-020_questions___answers.pdf  11-020 Questions & Answers
1._11-031_building_construction_trades_final.pdf  11-031 General Building Construction Trades FINAL
1._11-035_hvac__plumbing___electrical_trades_final.pdf  11-035 HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Trades FINAL
11-031_tabulation_form.pdf  11-031 Tabulation
11._solicitation_tab.pdf  11-026 Tabulation
11-035_tabulation_form.pdf  11-035 Tabulation
1._11-020_rfp-fd_training_facility_final.pdf  11-020 RFP-FD Training Facility FINAL
respondents_for_its_.pdf  11-027 ITS RFI Respondents
11-014_pre-bid_meeting_sign_in_sheet.pdf  11-014 WLM and WWLM Part Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet
95531692011rfp-construction_manager_at_risk.pdf  Sports Complex Construction Manager At Risk RFP
notice_to_proposers_manager_at_risk.pdf  Construction Manager At Risk Notice to Bidders
at_risk_addendum_no._1docx.pdf   CM At Risk Addendum #1
11-014_addendum__1.pdf  11-014 Addendum #1
11-020_solicitation_tabulation.pdf  11-020 Solicitation Tabulation
12-001_q_a.pdf  12-001 Grounds Maintenance Q&A

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