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CIS Conflict of Interest Information CIS Conflict of Interest Information
ashley_dawson_3-21-06.pdf  Ashley Dawson
davidlangford3-2-06.pdf  David Langford 3-2-06
disclosurevendors.pdf  Disclosure Vendors
o6officer-boardlisting.pdf  O6 Officer-Board Listing
datamaticltd2-23-06.pdf  Datamatic Ltd. 2-23-06
joeclifford2-23-06.pdf  Joe Clifford 2-23-06
mccall__parkhurst___horton__llp.pdf  McCall, Parkhurst & Horton, LLP
sheets___crossfield__pc.pdf  Sheets & Crossfield, PC
at_tglobalservices3-31-06.pdf  AT&T Global Services 3-31-06
lewis_contractors_inc_7-5-06.pdf  Lewis Contractors
cartridgeworldofaustin3-16-06.pdf  Cartridge World of Round Rock
sheets_crossfield-reid_cleaners2-16-06.pdf  Sheets & Crossfield, PC -- Reid's Cleaners
sheets_crossfield-ashley__dawson_3-21-06.pdf  Sheets & Crossfield, PC -- Ashley Dawson
kellytradecenterlp6-6-06.pdf  KellyTrade Center
robert_c._neptune_7-25-06.pdf  Robert C. Neptune
sanborn_map_company__inc_7-24-06.pdf  Sanborn Map Company
david_allen_7-31-06.pdf  David Allen
judith_j_mcgray_7-31-06.pdf  Judith J McGray
stephen_r_laukhuf_8-1-06.pdf  Stephen R Laukhuf
william_h_espey__jr_7-28-06.pdf  William H Espey, Jr
mcginnis__lochridge_and_kilgore_llp_8-14-06.pdf  McGinnis, Lochridge and Kilgore LLP
trc_environmental_corp._8-21-06.pdf  TRC Environmental Corp
bank_of_america__na.pdf  Bank of America, N.A. - 10-20-2006
james_chrisman_phillips_11-28-06.pdf  James Chrisman Phillips 11-28-06
linebarger_goggan_blair_and_sampson_llp.pdf  Linebarger_Goggan_Blair_and Sampson_2-12-2007
karla_w_sartin_-_k_w_sartin_enterprises.pdf  Karla W. Sartin - K.W. Sartin Enterprises
patrick_f_siddons_siddons_fire_apparatus_inc.pdf  Patrick F. Siddons - Siddons Fire Apparatus, Inc.
matt_allen_-_constructors_and_associates_inc.pdf  Matt Allen - Constructors & Associates, Inc.
bank_of_america__na_-_2007.pdf  Bank of America, N.A._04_05_2007
cartridge_world_round_rock_-_tim_hanrahan.pdf  Cartridge World Round Rock - Tim Hanrahan
american_traffic_solutions_inc.pdf  American Traffic Solutions Inc.
laser_craft_inc.pdf  Laser Craft Inc_06_26_07
tcb_inc._fka_turner_collie___braden_inc_08-31-07.pdf  Turner Collier & Braden, Inc.
banc_of_america_public_capitol_corp_8-07-07.pdf  Banc of America Public Capital Corporation
koch_financial_corp._08-07-07.pdf  Koch Financial Corporation
wachovia_-_andrew_deskins_08-07-07.pdf  Wachovia - Andrew B. Deskins
torti_gallas_and_partners__inc__neal_payton_.pdf  Neal Payton - Torti Gallas and Partners, Inc.
donna_d._carter__aia.pdf  Donna D. Carter, AIA
dk_g_management__inc.pdf  DK&G Management, Inc.
redlee_-_scs__inc.pdf  REDLEE / SCS, Inc.
plante___moran__pllc.pdf  Plante & Moran, PLLC
rick_hanzelin_-_navigant_consulting.pdf  Rick Hanzelin c/o Navigant Consulting
gregory_harris_-zcore_business.pdf  Gregory Harris - zCore Business
randy_reynolds_-_t-mobile_usa.pdf  Randy Reynolds T-Mobile USA 08.18.08
alan_r._tucker__alan_plummer_associates.pdf  Alan Tucker - Alan Plummer Associates, Inc. 082508
five_star_electric.pdf  Five Star Electric Motors 103008
kenneth_bayer_bayer___associates.pdf  Kenneth Bayer - Bayer & Associates Development 090508
todd_papes.pdf  Todd L. Papes, TCB, Inc. 090208
dannenbaum_engineering_company_-_austin__llc.pdf  Dannenbaum Engineering Company - Austin, LLC
mccain__inc.pdf  McCain, Inc.
pbs_j.pdf  PBS&J
sandy_deli.pdf  Sandy Deli
scott_dukette.klotz_assoc.pdf  Scott Dukette - Klotz Associates, Inc.
urs_corporation.pdf  URS Corporation
john_hines_-_gray_jansing___associates.pdf  John Hines - Gray Jansing & Associates
richard_ramirez_-_first_southwest.pdf  First Southwest - Richard Ramirez -
ronald_mullinax_-_brown___gay_engineers.pdf  Ronald Mullinax - Brown & Gay Engineers
mike_robinson_-_baker_aicklen.pdf  Mike Robinson - Baker Aicklen
michael_dymowski_-_dobbs_tennis_courts.pdf  Michael Dymowski - Dobbs Tennis Courts
mary_zilles_-_3m_company.pdf  Mary Zilles - 3M Company
healthfirst.pdf  HealthFirst
kelly_millender_-_unitedhealthcare.pdf  Kelly Millender - UnitedHealthcare
patterson_and_associates.pdf  Patterson and Associates
clean_harbors.pdf  Clean Harbors Environmental Services
david_burgeson_-_time_warner_cable.pdf  David Burgeson - Time Warner Cable Inc.
annie_doyle_-_the_countersource.pdf  Annie Doyle - The Countersource
first_southwest_asset_management.pdf  First Southwest Asset Management
todd_papes_-_aecom_usa_group.pdf  Todd Papes - AECOM USA Group
william_m_pascucci_-_amtec.pdf  William M Pascucci - AMTEC
harry_sundberg_-_cyberdefense.pdf  Harry Sundberg - CyberDefenses - 10.27.09
u_jin_her_-_blue_skies_consulting.pdf  Blue Skies Consulting - U Jin Her -
varsun_etechnologies.pdf  Varsun Etechnologies
seventh_generation.pdf  Seventh Generation
fairleigh_dickinson_university.pdf  FDU PublicMind Poll
adrienne_rice_rice_environment.pdf  Adrienne Rice - Rice Environment
harry_sundberg_cyberdefenses_2010.pdf   CyberDefenses - Harry Sundberg
austin_ribbon___computer_supplies.pdf  Austin Ribbon & Computer Supplies, Inc.
jessica_hartley_usa_consulting.pdf  USA Consulting, Inc. - Jessica Hartley
carl_mallett_brighting_group.pdf  Carl Mallett - Brighting Group
municipal_software.pdf  Municipal Software
calvin_giordano___associates.pdf  Calvin Giordano & Associates
the_davenport_group.pdf  The Davenport Group
entech_sales___service.pdf  Entech Sales & Service
allison_systems_inc.pdf  Allison Systems Inc.
cr_solar_energy_solutions_chris_rath.pdf  CR Solar Energy Solutions - Chris Rath
3m.pdf  3M Company
hdr_engineering.pdf  HDR Engineering
intergrated_technology_group_shai_robkin.pdf  Intergrated Technology Group_Shai Robkin
paul_rheinlander.pdf  Paul Rheinlander
west_texas_micrographics.pdf  West Texas Micrographics
randell_casey_cyberdefenses_2010.pdf  CyberDefenses, Inc. - Randell Casey
hayden_consultants.pdf  Hayden Consultants, Inc.
kelly_kaatz_-_hdr_engineering.pdf  HDR Engineering - Kelly Kaatz
pinnacle_public_finance_blain_bwain.pdf  Pinnacle Public Finance - 2011
bb_t_mary_parrish_coley.pdf  BB&T_Mary Parrish Coley - 2011
accessology_too_kristi_avalos.pdf  Accessology Too_Kristi Avalos - 2011
texas_fleet_fuel_marty_maxwell.pdf  Texas Fleet Fuel_Marty Maxwell - 2011
aecom_technical.pdf  AECOM Technical Services - 2011
kimley-horn_2012.pdf  Kimley-Horn 2012
kelly-moore_paint_co_-_5.14.12.pdf  Kelly-Moore Paint - Roy Howard - 2012
pinnacle_public_finance_-_8.7.12.pdf  Pinnacle Public Finance - 2012
spotless_cleaning.pdf  Spotless Cleaning - 2013

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