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  • Taking the Mystery out of Stain Removal

    I often pride myself on my “tallish” stature and ridiculously long arms. I can reach things in high places and barely have to lean over to tie my shoes. The downside is a tendency towards the klutzy side. Combine that with my bad habit of eating while driving and there’s no surprise that spilling is...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 04-20-2010
  • RFID Magic

    As many of you know by now, the library is in the process of switching our circulation to an RFID system. I realized the other day that, when telling patrons about the switch, I often used the phrase “like magic” to explain the new system. As a provider of information I’m starting to feel like I could...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 04-09-2010
  • The Quest for Audio Books Made Easy

    Sometimes all I want to do is shut my laptop, silence my smart phone, power off my iPod and read a good book. But then there are times when I need those gadgets to help me get through a good audio book so I can busy my eyes and hands on others things like the long car trip to Kansas (Oklahoma can be...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 03-23-2010
  • Google Docs Introduces New (super helpful) Features

    For months, rumors had been spreading that Google would being accommodating more file types in Google Documents and would increasing the amount of storage space available for users. A couple weeks ago, the rumors became a reality. Google now allows users to upload, store, access and share their files...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 02-26-2010
  • Edit PDFs Without Buying Expensive Software

    Ninety percent of the time, I prefer communicating via email rather than making a phone call, mailing something or (especially) faxing. This is especially true when it comes to applications or other PDF documents. Like the library computers, most individuals only have access to Adobe Reader, rather than...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 02-05-2010
  • Improve Your Touch Typing the Free and Easy Way

    Every day in the library I see adults striving to improve themselves and learn new things. Recently we’ve seen a rising interest in updating computer skills, either for personal satisfaction or to remain competitive in the job market. For some, this means attending one of our Microsoft Quick Start classes...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 01-15-2010
  • More Tips on Internet Safety

    It’s a busy week here at the library but I thought I would take a moment to pass on a blog post I read recently about avoiding online scams. We’ve all seen those suspicious emails and too-good-to-be-true offers and wondered if this time, they might just be real. This post offers great tips on considering...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 12-22-2009
  • Convert Your Files for Free Using Zamzar

    A patron recently asked how to convert a Word document (.doc) and an image (.jpg) into PDFs. On many computers this can be done by going to file > print and then choosing a PDF converter from the printer list. However, on some computers – like those at the library – this is not an option. There are...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 12-04-2009
  • Find Dining Specials for the Little Ones with a Handy Web App

    As the holidays approach, we sometimes find ourselves caught between trying to save time and save money. When in a hurry, it’s awfully tempting to splurge on dining out to save yourself the hassle of grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning the kitchen. But have no fear, here comes the Internet to the...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 12-01-2009
  • RR Public Library presents blogs on Technology

    Round Rock Public Library is adding a new element to our Library Information blog starting right . . . now. About once a week we'll add a post about technology that, hopefully, our readers will find interesting or useful. We'll cover topics such as open source software/freeware, useful web applications...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 11-29-2009
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