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  • RRPL Exclusive! Live Report From The Gaming Tourney!

    Ahh the day has finally come... The 2-6 Teen Gaming Tournament is here! I'll be reporting as stuff happens, just make like it's happening live as you read. The prizes look pretty good, and the eye-hand cordination here is INSANE , should be a good binary brawl... Currently it's 12:45, registration...
    Posted to 2-6 Teen (Weblog) by Candy Moseley on 12-29-2007
  • GTLeaders on the RRLeader! eh?

    Behold the mighty glorious that is local celebrity!! Marcial Guajardo, Managing Editor of the Round Rock Leader stopped by our Teen Room yesterday afternoon to snap some shots of our first place contenders for a featured article. The boys will be splashed on the cover of the Leader on Thursday, December...
    Posted to 2-6 Teen (Weblog) by Candy Moseley on 12-18-2007
  • Crushing the Competition

    In a mind bending two hours of frenzied kart dashing four gamers advanced by sheer skill and brute force. From left to right: Ian, C.J., first place winner Brandon, Cesar and showing off his fine Wii fashion-color commentator Jack Patillo. Now- here is the deal...One more tournament event -then the big...
    Posted to 2-6 Teen (Weblog) by Candy Moseley on 11-28-2007
  • The question becomes one of dominance

    Is it in the genes? Once upon a time Jared H. placed in the top four in round one of the 2-6 Teen Gaming Tournament. Guess who took home the TOP prize this time...that's right, say it with me, Little Bro !! It seems little brother Jacob has been taught a thing or two and maybe has some teaching to...
    Posted to 2-6 Teen (Weblog) by Candy Moseley on 10-16-2007
  • 2-6 Teen Gaming Tournament Dates

    Just to let y'all know the next tournament dates are: OCTOBER 13TH, 2007 NOVEMBER 17, 2007 DECEMBER 1, 2007 GRANDE FINALE - DECEMBER 29TH Join in here, post on the blog, and let us know if you will be coming along. See you there for more Mario Kart Double Dash!
    Posted to 2-6 Teen (Weblog) by Jane Dance on 09-14-2007
  • One day, when I was passing by the library...

    We came, we snacked, we dance danced, we double dashed and somewhere in the middle I believe there was a melee. 2-6 Teen's first Gaming Tournament was a Super Smash Success! (Awww, that was cheesy-like the Cheetos you so crave). Over 100 people showed up and we had 40 competitors bracketed in the...
    Posted to 2-6 Teen (Weblog) by Candy Moseley on 09-08-2007
  • Welcome to the world... 2-6 Teen Gaming Tournament!

    Join us as we feature Nintendo's blockbuster hit Mario Kart Double Dash on the GAMECUBE console for the first bracketed tournament of our very first season! We will also have Super Smash Bros. Melee and PS2's DDR running for open play. Jack Pattillo from Aspyr in Austin will be providing color...
    Posted to 2-6 Teen (Weblog) by Jane Dance on 09-07-2007
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