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  • A Texan a day...

    Sam Bass is still causing trouble: the third request from out-of-towners for " the shootout map " (starring Mr. Bass in his final appearance) this week triggered my realization that March is done and I missed Texas Independence Day . Visitors, bless ‘em, have shown more regard for Texas history...
    Posted to Reader's Exchange (Weblog) by Linda Sappenfield on 03-29-2013
  • The good, the bad, and the literate

    While brooding about our Western Problem this week, it's been easy for me to imagine Sam Bass and A.W. Grimes finding some aspects of downtown Round Rock--just a few blocks from the Chisholm Trail --pretty familiar. You can still mosey in off the street through a set of double doors for music, relaxation...
    Posted to Reader's Exchange (Weblog) by Linda Sappenfield on 03-28-2012
  • If you can't be honest, hope you're photogenic

    If Sam Bass had resolved to change his ways on New Year's Day back in 1878, giving up his bank- and train-robbing habit, he might have lived past his 27 th birthday. Then, Round Rock probably wouldn't have been elected as his final destination . Perhaps it was already too late for Sam. A couple...
    Posted to Reader's Exchange (Weblog) by Linda Sappenfield on 12-27-2010
  • What's in a Name?

    Gambler, cowboy, racehorse owner, gold miner, entrepreneur, outlaw-- Sam Bass was many things. No one ever accused him of civic mindedness, however. Yet, Sam Bass Road, Sam Bass Youth Baseball, Sam Bass Community Theatre, and the Annual Frontier Days re-enactment of his final shootout attest to our fascination...
    Posted to Round Rock Reads! (Weblog) by Linda Sappenfield on 04-14-2008
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