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  • Well, what did you expect?

    Ikea does it again! Their cleverly designed tier of wire document trays sitting to my left has just yielded the answer to an unavoidable question. Amid household receipts and insurance papers awaiting pre-income tax filing, I dredged up a snapshot of a popular book display from years ago. This feature...
    Posted to Reader's Exchange (Weblog) by Linda Sappenfield on 01-17-2011
  • A case of disorganized crime

    If I were a better person, I'd have completely finished Go Down Together: The True Untold Story of Bonnie & Clyde in time for Tuesday's Round Rock Reads! kickoff . As it is, events this weekend meandered out of control in true Bonnie & Clyde fashion. First, the process of un-holidaying...
    Posted to Reader's Exchange (Weblog) by Linda Sappenfield on 01-03-2011
  • If you can't be honest, hope you're photogenic

    If Sam Bass had resolved to change his ways on New Year's Day back in 1878, giving up his bank- and train-robbing habit, he might have lived past his 27 th birthday. Then, Round Rock probably wouldn't have been elected as his final destination . Perhaps it was already too late for Sam. A couple...
    Posted to Reader's Exchange (Weblog) by Linda Sappenfield on 12-27-2010
  • Our stormy relationship: it's over

    We knew it couldn't last. A library and its community-wide reading choice eventually have to part ways. Isaac's Storm: a Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History is a thing of the past. I'm on the Round Rock Reads! committee and will admit that we have a roving eye; we'll soon...
    Posted to Reader's Exchange (Weblog) by Linda Sappenfield on 01-20-2010
  • Star-crossed and blindsided

    Describing Romeo and Juliet's attraction as "star-crossed" sounds romantic, but Shakespeare was just calling the situation as he saw it. If you check the origins of the word "disaster", you'll find that it amounts to something like "against the stars or fate". Attendees...
    Posted to Reader's Exchange (Weblog) by Linda Sappenfield on 01-11-2010
  • Galveston, Texas: September 8, 1900: Over 6,000 men, women, and children dead

    "A rocking horse stood by itself on a low rise, no house in sight. 'And so help me,' Sterret said, 'I would have rather seen all the vessels of the earth stranded high and dry than to have seen this child's toy standing right out on the prairie, masterless.'" A reporter's...
    Posted to Round Rock Reads! (Weblog) by Rebecca Schreiner on 01-08-2010
  • Studying the T chromosome

    The KUT news story about Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum's upcoming oral/visual history project caught my attention this morning. By way of accounting for Texans' deep and abiding interest in their state and in its stories, the spokesperson mentioned a book that's familiar here in...
    Posted to Reader's Exchange (Weblog) by Linda Sappenfield on 11-04-2009
  • Why Great-Grandpa Went to Texas

    Any discussion of what makes Texans Texans should include David Crockett . Perishing at the Alamo just a few weeks after his arrival, this newcomer martyred himself for Texas independence. However--loyalty and sacrifice aside--Crockett's actions upon leaving Tennessee already signaled his suitability...
    Posted to Round Rock Reads! (Weblog) by Linda Sappenfield on 03-20-2008
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