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  • In praise of Watson, Bess & George, and the ghost of Elvis

    Kimberly's July 17 comment reminds me what I can miss by not reading mysteries more frequently. Well-crafted mystery novels are not just plot-driven; they also exhibit great character studies. These stories portray the main character facing romantic upheaval/potential financial ruin/family issue...
    Posted to Reader's Exchange (Weblog) by Linda Sappenfield on 07-18-2009
  • Dynamic Duos

    I'm not a mystery aficionado and in fact seldom read more than one or two books in any kind of series. J. K. Rowling and Anthony Trollope are notable exceptions. So, the best explanation for my extensive reading of Arthur Conan Doyle must be the Sherlock Holmes-Dr. Watson relationship dynamic. Anticipating...
    Posted to Reader's Exchange (Weblog) by Linda Sappenfield on 07-16-2009
  • Getting a Reputation

    It's a momentous week to launch a new blog. Michael Jackson's death has inspired all sorts of musings regarding what his music meant to whom and when. His legions of fans include so many in our area, and yet I heard someone on KUT radio observe that "Austin isn't really Michael Jackson...
    Posted to Reader's Exchange (Weblog) by Linda Sappenfield on 06-26-2009
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