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  • Roundup Friday: eBooks!

    My colleague Linda hit the nail on the head once more when, in her latest blog post, she wrote: "electronics vendors offer "must-have" apps and gadgets faster than we can learn or finance them." I am so taking it out of context but I read it as a break from shopping online for a new gadget of my own, namely an eReader or a ...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 12-10-2010
  • and Team Up for Awesomeness

    This year I have made a pledge to myself to get a flu shot for the very first time in my life (at least as far as I can remember). I haven't avoided it because of a fear of needles or conspiracy theories about how the government uses it to track people. But for whatever reason, this is the first year that I've sought out the ...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 10-22-2010
  • Read a Book, Give a Book

    Jumpstart, The Pearson Foundation, and We Give Books have teamed up this year for the annual Read for the Record campaign coming up on October 7th. The event encourages as many people as possible to come together on the same day to read a classic children's book. This year, the book is Ezra Jack Keats' The Snowy Day. Not only does Read for ...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 10-05-2010
  • An (Impressive) Work in Progress

    Health Care reform was the big news item for months before it actually came to fruition. But now what? After all the debates and the compromise, what changes can you look forward to? I'm so glad you asked! (okay, so I asked. But maybe you were at least curious?) To find the answers to these and other questions, head to The ...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 09-10-2010
  • How I Saved My Phone and Ruined My Dinner: True Tales of a Wet Gadget

    I was beginning to think my summer was cursed. First my car was totaled, and then my laptop became completely overwhelmed by my music and photo files that it barely turns on. It seemed only right that a third item would suddenly and strangely meet its end. As I was settling in the other night to read DBC Pierre's Vernon God Little (which is ...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 09-03-2010
  • Online Recipe Finders

    Although I am a lover of food and cooking, I have found that, much to my chagrin, I am terribly unimaginative in the kitchen. I need direction. I need a list of ingredients and clear instructions on how to put them all together. In other words, I rely on recipes. Luckily we have access to all kinds of great recipes. For starters (no pun intended) ...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 08-03-2010
  • Speed Up Boot Up Time with Soluto

    I own a laptop that runs Windows Vista. When I made the switch at the beginning of grad school I was so so pleased. There are photographs of me actually hugging the thing after taking it out of the box. However, as with all laptops certain problems began to appear over time. For instance, turning my laptop on became a precarious business. ...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 07-20-2010
  • This Week's Technology Tip: Take a Break from Technology?

    Last week Stephen Colbert interviewed Nicholas Carr author of the newly-released book . Three days ago I came across a blog post titled Do You Purposely, Regulary Go Offline? Today, to top things off, I read a brief synopsis of a study which shows more than two hours per day of screen time (particularly watching TV or playing video games) can ...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 07-13-2010
  • Roundup Friday: Maps!

    Two things are going on. My multi-tasking is spiraling out of control (which is why I have 13 tabs open in my browser) and I've become very interested in maps and map applications lately. So, I am going to act like a serious blogger and do my own Friday Roundup all on maps. Here are some cool and useful things to be aware of. Google Maps ...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 07-02-2010
  • Developments in Google Maps

    Although this is not hot-off-the-presses news, I've been wanting to mention some developments in Google Maps.   I love that Google is constantly trying to think outside the box and develop new tools for users. It's true that sometimes they execute a plan without seriously thinking it through. You may recall the controversy brought ...
    Posted to Library Info (Weblog) by Betsey Blanche on 06-22-2010
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