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The City's water conservation program coordinator will write about interesting information relating to City water projects, water reuse projects, water conservation program and rebates, drought information and timely news regarding water use within Round Rock.

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When (Not) to Water, part 2
Rain, rain, come and stay! Isn't all this rain wonderful? The plants and flowers in my yard are looking fantastic! And everyone's rainbarrels are overflowing! Driving around town, I see plenty of great looking landscapes. The best part is that...
Water Restrictions in Effect
Well, if you hadn't yet heard, the City is now under mandatory water restrictions! I am personally not a fan of the word "mandatory" as it elicits the repsonse that you now have to do this case water your yard. This is a constant...
When (Not) to Water
One of the most hotly talked about topics when it comes to watering your yard is: When do I water? or another version is: Does it need water? Is the answer "on Wednesday", because that's my day? Or when the plant actually needs it?? You...