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The City's water conservation program coordinator will write about interesting information relating to City water projects, water reuse projects, water conservation program and rebates, drought information and timely news regarding water use within Round Rock.

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Catch the rain before it's gone!
Once again, the huge amount of rains in the last weeks have made me think a lot about how to take more advantage of rainwater, or really, just collect more. Which leads me to a question I was asked once that was along the lines of "I feel like I...
Rain Barrel Sale Going on Now
The City's Water Conservation Program is having a rain barrel sale! The barrels being sold are being supplied from a different company than the last sales. These barrels are made in Austin, so a little more local. Available for this event are three...
Rainbarrel Sale!
The Water Conservation Program is having another rainbarrel sale ! These are the same 50-gallon Ivy barrels and 65-gallon Moby barrels that were sold last year. You can start prepurchasing barrels now , online at