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The City's water conservation program coordinator will write about interesting information relating to City water projects, water reuse projects, water conservation program and rebates, drought information and timely news regarding water use within Round Rock.

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July is Smart Irrigation Month, pt. 1
July has been deemed "Smart Irrigation Month" by the Irrigation Association since 2005, because that's typically when the hottest temperatures occur. With high and hot temperatures come higher water use, it's just a given. We still want...
Irrigation Workshop
Do you have an irrigation system, but don’t quite know how to use it effectively? Or at all?? Do you have an irrigation system and would like to learn how to make simple repairs, fixes, and upgrades to it yourself? If the answer is yes to any of the above...
When (Not) to Water, part 2
Rain, rain, come and stay! Isn't all this rain wonderful? The plants and flowers in my yard are looking fantastic! And everyone's rainbarrels are overflowing! Driving around town, I see plenty of great looking landscapes. The best part is that...