Old Settlers Park Sports Complex Improvement Project

February 2009 - Posts

About the schedule for tournaments and league play at the Old Setters Park Sports Complex

From Rick Atkins, the City's Parks and Recreation Director:

In response to the President of the Round Rock Baseball League’s recent comment about the use of fields for a tournament this past weekend, the tournament in question, as well as two remaining tournaments, are a collaborative effort between the former Round Rock Youth Baseball league and the City of Round Rock and our Convention and Visitors Bureau. We committed to host these tournaments well over a year and half ago. Also, we capped the number of teams involved due to the current construction. (I think it’s also worth noting that half of the teams in last week’s tournament were made up of local kids.) Finally, from a facility/project management standpoint, it is far easier to accommodate a tournament for a weekend rather than league play every day of the week.

The City has worked diligently to condense a two-year construction project into 18 months. We targeted a scheduled completion date of March 1 and have achieved several milestones for the project, such as being able to host a shortened fall softball league for the girls program. Nevertheless, because of our high standards and attention to detail, we have not achieved substantial completion of the entire project. We refuse to accept an inferior product and are holding the contractor accountable to complete the work to our specifications.

The City has worked with the new Round Rock Baseball League to provide practice locations, including the completed fields at the Sports Complex, to ensure our kids have ample places to practice before starting the regular season. Extending the window of construction to March 23 should have minimal impact on league play because of the league’s policy of accommodating TAKS testing and spring break. League President Rusty Charlton estimates the late start will mean the loss of one or two games.

While this project has been a challenge for everyone, I believe the end result will be a big win for the league and the community. We will provide better fields for our local kids and provide a memorable experience to all of those who have the opportunity to enjoy our city as the Sports Capital of Texas.  I know it’s hard to wait, but the final product will be worth it. GAME ON!

Date for baseball complex grand opening set

Mark your calendar for Saturday, March 28. The City of Round Rock and Round Rock Baseball League will celebrate the grand opening of the baseball complex at Old Settlers Park followed by a day of baseball play.  Right now, the date is set. I'll post more updates when they are available! 

Getting closer - Baseball complex update

We're currently working with the Round Rock Baseball League to set a final date for the Grand Opening of the baseball complex and tennis building.  The tennis building is constructed and substantially complete with restrooms and concession area. One convenient feature is that the tennis organizations will be able to run tournaments out of the new building.

Final touches are underway on the baseball fields and complexes with restroom expansions and improved pedestrian walkways. Concrete is pouring and its really starting to look impressive.  Once the Grand Opening date is finalized, we'll post it on the blog!