Old Settlers Park Sports Complex Improvement Project

May 2008 - Posts

Old Settlers Park Baseball Fields to close for Sports Complex Improvement Renovations

Fall Baseball and Softball League Play Postponed

The City of Round Rock Parks and Recreation, the Round Rock Baseball League and Sertoma Girls Softball league representatives met on May 14 and supported the postponement of fall baseball and softball play to accommodate construction of the Old Settlers Park Sports Complex Improvement Project.

 The entire baseball and softball complex at Old Settlers Park will close on August 3, 2008.

 “A project of this magnitude and scale normally takes about two years, but we are producing rapid results in a one-year period as we invest in the Sports Capital of Texas,” Parks and Recreation Director Rick Atkins said. “The support we’ve received from the affected leagues plays an integral part in the success of this project. While the closure isn't until August 3, we want to provide baseball and softball participants ample awareness of the impact on the fall season.Working together, we know the future benefits will exceed the current setbacks.”

All leagues affected by the Old Settlers Park construction closure met to discuss the impact construction would have on the park and availability. “After meeting with a group of representatives from across the various affected leagues, we all agree that this minor setback will have a major benefit for our community,” The Round Rock Baseball League President Rusty Charleton said. “The City is investing in the future of baseball and softball in Round Rock and this closure is part of the fast track approach the city is taking. While this may impact us temporarily, the benefits will come back tenfold.”

 “The park closure is necessary so we can complete this construction and have an even better facility,” Old Settlers Express President, Fred Ramirez said. “Baseball is very popular in this town and beyond as it’s a family pastime and a great method to get children to go outside and exercise.”

 While construction is scheduled to take place in public areas including the concession and restroom areas, safety is a main priority. “I agree that safety is a main concern with these renovations,” Round Rock Youth Tournament Director, Rick Stevens said.  “If we have heavy construction equipment out and about, we don’t need children at play. In addition, it will allow the Round Rock Baseball league some extra time to finalize our unified league before league play reconvenes.”

 “In my experiences, construction and children don’t mix,” Charleton said. “We don’t need bulldozers, man holes, netting and children out in the complex during these final stages and massive renovations.”

 “I strongly support the new complex renovations and the city has given us their most current information during our joint meetings,” Faith Zimmerman Commissioner of Round Rock Sertoma Girls Softball league said. “I expect this new complex will make us the premier facility because we’re going to knock their socks off!  We are willing to salvage part of our fall season in expectation of future success. A delayed fall season is one solution we’re currently planning.”

 The Old Settlers Park Sports Complex Improvement Project is on a phased construction schedule with various parts of the complex set to re-open at different times. Funded by Certificate of Obligation Bonds and the Capital Spending Plan, the $18.2 million improvement project renovations will result in the upgrade of 20 fields at Old Settlers Park and construction of five new fields.

 Project highlights include lit batting cages, enhanced spectator seating, championship fields with a warming track and bull pen, additional playgrounds and tailgate islands at the park.

Developments are underway. Shade structures and bleachers are installed at the Southwest and Northwest Complex, fencing has been moved back in the Northeast Complex, lights are up and grading is complete for the new Girls Softball complex and the concrete is poured for the concession and restroom facility at the softball complex with progress occuring daily.

 For more information on the Sports Complex Improvements visit www.roundrocktexas.gov or call Round Rock Parks and Recreation at 512-218-5540.

Time to vote - Board Elections The Round Rock Baseball League

It's time for elections, and both OSE and RRYB are bringing the voting to you! At your closing ceremony, held at the ball fields, you'll be able to cast your ballot.

RRYB Closing Ceremonies date has changed to Monday, May 19 due to rain cancellations.

OSE Closing Ceremonies will be on Friday, May 30 at 6:30 pm with elections open from 7 pm - 9 pm.

If you have any questions, please call Rusty Charleton at 658-5887.


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