Old Settlers Park Sports Complex Improvement Project

Mission critical

Welcome to the first post of the Old Settlers Park Sports Complex Improvement Project blog. This post will be short and sweet, but there will be much more to follow soon. There are a number of issues we are seeking public input on, so we’ll have a post for each issue, just to keep things organized and easy to follow.


If you need some background on the project, click here.


Our first item for input will be the project mission. The project team met with representatives from the boards of Old Settlers Express Baseball, Sam Bass Youth Baseball and Round Rock Youth Baseball on June 4 and 5. During those meetings, we realized our mission statement needed some tweaking. Here’s what we’ve got at present:

Maximize the benefits to the community of the sports complex at Old Settlers Park, and recover a reasonable portion of the City’s cost to maintain them. 

What’s missing is something about the project being primarily for the benefit of Round Rock kids. It's understood in our minds this project is for the youth in our community, but that’s not clear in the mission statement. So we’d like your ideas on how to incorporate that critical point into the statement. We’ll be working on updating the statement as well, but we’re open to all the good ideas we can get. So let us know what you think. (Be sure to read our Terms of Use, and join Community Conversations if you want to comment.)

We want to get the mission updated in time for the Monday, June 11, open house meeting. If you haven't already heard, we've also scheduled another open house meeting for Thursday, June 21.


Again, we’ll have more topics posted over the next few days so you can give us the input we need to make this project successful.


UPDATE: We've revised our Mission Statement for the project. It now reads: Maximize the benefits of the sports complex at Old Settlers Park to the community, primarily the youth of Round Rock, and recover a reasonable portion of the City’s maintenance costs.


We've also created a new page on the web site that has more detailed information about fees, maintenance and management of the Sports Complex at Old Settlers Park. It answers many of the questions that have come up in the comments we've received.


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