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Robert Redford Slept Here

UnforeseenAm I the only local Robert Redford fan who just learned that Redford spent time in Austin during his formative years--and that he learned to swim at Barton Springs pool?  A number of film reviews for The Unforeseen allude to this, along with the fact that the actor/director cites that experience as having "awakened him to the natural world."

As co-producer (along with Terrence Malick) of the film, Mr. Redford intends for another awakening to occur--one in which we realize that the outcome of the approximately 30-year battle over land usage in the Barton Springs watershed affects all of us.  Certainly, Central Texans can already appreciate that, as a result of political moves that overturned Austin's anti-growth ordinance, Barton Springs is now (according to Kevin Kelly's Sundance review) "practically a beaker full of evidence" against land overdevelopment.  However, as underwater views of Barton Springs from 1996 contrast with recent ones, evidence warns that this is more than a before-and-after account; it's a this-could-happen-to-you tale.  Sequels to this drama could be set anywhere in the world.

The Round Rock Reads! free screening of director Laura Dunn's The Unforeseen is set for Monday, April 7 (7:00 PM) at the Round Rock Higher Education Center.  The documentary offers more than a compelling true story.  Called "poetic and gorgeous" (reviewer Natalie McMenemy), The Unforeseen demonstrates the influence that personal agendas and business interests can exert to devalue the environment--our ultimate long-term investment.


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