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I Confess...

native signs...that when up-and-coming Round Rock Public Library staffer Eric T. nominated Texas in Her Own Words for this year's Round Rock Reads! ballot, I joined in the chorus of committee approval, all the while asserting confidently, "Of course, it'll never win." Oh, but I wanted it to! A fourth-generation native Texan, I was obliged to live in other states for many years due to my husband's career. He was the only person who regretted that development more than I. A fifth-generation native, he describes himself as "a Texan of American descent". And now, nearly three years after finally achieving Texas repatriation, we still can't view a bluebonnet or the capitol dome without getting misty.

We claim zero objectivity where Texas is concerned.This was the issue-the assumption that recently transplanted Round Rock folks who cherish their own loyalties wouldn't choose to read a book apparently tailor-made for people like us. As it happens, I was wrong twice. Area residents voted decisively for Texas in Her Own Words, and the book has much to offer anyone who has noticed (and who hasn't?) that Texas is a unique sociological and political phenomenon. Author Tweed Scott collected more than sixty interviews attesting to Texas' vivid, romantic past and continuing influence. We hope you'll pick up a copy at the bookstore-or check out one from the library-and join us in (these words are Kinky Friedman's) "searching for the soul of Texas".


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