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Immigration Panel Discussion Monday night moved to Council Chambers

We've moved the Immigration Panel Discussion from the library to the Council Chambers in City Hall.  The acoustics are better at this location, plus the disucssion will be videotaped and podcasted.  If you can't make the discussion (Monday night, 7-9 PM), it will be broadcast live on Channel 10.  Council Chambers are located at 221 E. Main Avenue, 1st floor. 

I'm really looking forward to the panel!  Rev. Dr. William Sappenfield will be moderating, and we will have 5 panelists present with members on both sides of the issue.  The five panelists are:  Curtis Collier--President of U.S. Border Watch, Terri English--Director of Immigration Counseling and Outreach Services, Leslie Helmcamp--Director of Catholic Charities of Central Texas Office of Immigrant Concerns, Edna Yang--General Counsel for Political Asylum Project of Austin, and Larry Youngblood--Texas Border Volunteers.


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