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Legal Ease?: Breaking the Ice

I heard on the news today that in a recent poll, most Americans didn't understand the terms of the Immigration Bill that went before Congress last week.  That makes sense to me--so many of us have opinions about immigration, but few of us take the time to really learn and understand the issue in all its complexity. 

 Luis Alberto Urrea, the author of The Devil's Highway  has started "Immigration Monday" on his blog--one day a week he'll explore the issue of immigration with his readers.  Here's what he has to say:

"It's just a small acorn of an idea--let's see what happens. Maybe a scraggly tree will grow. I hope to post something about immigration/border issues here every week. Might be nothing--might be a book. I don't know. I have invited others to take part, so I hope to post essays, notes, letters, poems from other writers about the topic. For and against. I don't care what position people take, as long as they are informed. Lots of inflammation out there, but there's no information. Has anybody ever explained to you what "illegal immigration" means? By law? What law is being broken? What is the precise law: what does it say? Let's look into it. Are there any really informative new books about the subject? Let's see. Links to articles? Right here. Let's make a full-service immigration site. Just one day a week. The rest of the week, we can explore writing and soul and gardens and family together. But it might be amazing to see what we come up with. I don't mean the royal "we," either. I mean you and me. Send me somethin'."  You can read more of his blog here:

I think Mr. Urrea's idea is great--I'd like to do something similar on the Round Rock Reads! blog.  I invite anyone to send me comments about their views on immigration, good articles, links, anything that will help us understand the issue better. I don't care what side you are on! In the meantime, I'll continue to write about articles, interviews, and websites that I see related to immigration and The Devil's Highway.  Tomorrow I'm going to write about The Dustin Inman Society.  Stay Tuned.



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