Round to Rock

Round to Rock Participants Begin Final Week With A Cooking Demo and Weigh-In

The final week began with a cooking demo with a Chef from Seton Medical Center Williamson.  The Chef demonstrated how to prepare a stir-fry meal using low sodium ingredients and frozen vegetables to speed up the meal preparation process.  Preparing healthy desserts was also discussed. DESSERT PREPARATION TIP: Use fruit to satisfy cravings for sugar based desserts. Pass on the cake, brownies, pudding, etc. and instead, replace them with fresh fruit.  When the Chef was done cooking, all the participants enjoyed a healthy and nutritious lunch! 

This week, the “Round to Rock” participants will complete their final week of workouts and the final results will be revealed in an upcoming blog posting and media announcement. I would like to hear from the “Round to Rock” participants and the public who want to share their feedback with us.  Here is the question. What are the pros and cons of working with personal trainers?
As We Head Into The Holidays...

The Round To Rock participants recently worked with the Seton Medical Center Williamson nutritionists to discuss upcoming challenges associated with eating healthy during the holidays. The participants went through an assessment to record their progress in the program and then had a round table discussion on how to make their favorite holiday dishes in a lighter healthier manner. The topic of the conversation: "how to lighten up holiday recipes for the family and when does moderation and portion control seem like a viable solution.

 What are your personal food challenges and fitness goals during this holiday season? We would like to know.

Round To Rock Participants Begin Week 8 With a Cooking Demo

Week 8 began with a cooking demo from Chef Michael Edison with Seton Hospital.  Chef Edison demonstated how to stuff and bake an apple, cook a Moroccan chicken dish and saute spinach.  When Chef Edison was done cooking, all the participants enjoyed lunch!

I would like to hear from the Round to Rock participants who want to share their feedback on this learning experience.  I

Week 6 Begins

The Round To Rock participants started off week 6 learning about orthopaedic issues.  Erik Bruce M.D. was our guest speaker on Monday and he discussed sports medicine, arthroscopoic surgery of the knee and shoulder as well as knee reconstruction.  His presentation was very thorough, enlightening and provided great insight to what our bodies go through as we age.

 Also, we want to hear how everyone is doing with the fitness and weight loss.  How did your assessment go?

Avoid sugar and burn fat for a healthier lifestyle

Week Four started off with Dr. Ben discussing food topics for one hour followed by participant weigh-in and 30 minute workout.

Dr. Ben covered a ton of information, here's the break down:

  1. Watch the Sugar.  When reading the ingredients, if a word ends in -ose it is a sugar.  Grains also turn to sugar. Excess sugar will turn to fat.  Remember cattle is given grain before they are butchered to fatten them up - the same thing happens in our bodies.
  2. A substitute for sugar is Stevia or Xylitol. These can be bought at most grocery or vitamin stores.
  3. Fat does not make you fat, the inability to burn fat makes you fat.
  4. Bad fats - rancid fats make your body toxic and fight your ability to burn fat.
  5. Good fats - Olive oil is a healthier fat and should be used at room or low temperaures. If you cook with olive oil at high temperatures, it becomes rancid. Coconut oil is great for cooking with at high temperatures.
  6. Read the Ingredients - High fructose corn syrup, canola oil, and trans fat are all toxic to your body and will prevent it from functioning at the high level it is intended to.

Those were the 6 most important health items covered. We look forward to hearing part two with Dr. Ben in the not-too-distant future.

For those participating and following from home, what health changes are you trying to make in your day-to-day lives, and more importantly, how are you doing implementing a new, healthy lifestyle?

End of Week Two!

This week was definitely more difficult than last week. Starting with yoga/pilates and running up and down the stairwell of a four-story building, to more running mechanics with Carlos, a heck of a lot of ab work with Bobby and then ending with "Burpees" with Brannon (don't let the name fool you - they're killer), I have sore muscles in places I didn't know I had muscles! Although I haven't noticed any significant changes in how my clothes fit, I know that if I am patient that time willl come. The weekend is here and I'm going to try to watch my caloric intake and get in some weight training exercise on my own at Clay Madsen on Saturday morning - maybe a run on Sunday after church.  Week 3, here we come!

Round 2 Rock

Wow ... our third week of the program and I am definitely feelin' it. I've always known I've had more muscles than I'm used to using, but OMG, I haven't felt them in a long time, and they hurt! Our second workout with Brannon at Crossfit didn't feel as "bad" as the first, but I'll know Saturday morning just how the two compare!

I am so glad I decided to do the program, I'm sure about half way through I might not be, but in the long run, it will all be worth it!!!


On Monday, October 21, the participants received a lesson in Yogalates, a program offered at Clay Madsen Recreation Center.  Patti Grant and Atalie Price demonstrated stretches and taught participants some basic moves to improve flexibility and strength.

In addition to a Yogalates class, the participants spent an hour with our Round to Rock trainers which I heard included an outdoor run and some strenuous indoor exercising!  

Round to Rock kicked off Sept 14

Eleven lucky participants in the Round to Rock program kicked off their fitness transformations on Monday, Sept 14 at Seton Medical Center Williamson. The 11 participants divided into teams and while one group learned about proper nutrition and how to decipher what to eat and what to buy in the grocery store, another group did their fitness assessment which involved jumping jack warmups, situps, pushups, and initial weigh-ins. The participants include: Mayor Alan McGraw, State Representative Diana Maldonado, Sharesa Alexander, Teresa Bledsoe, Nate Edwards, Robert Edwards, Bob Eskridge, Jessica Iroanya, Michelle Palmer, Teresa Ramirez, and Brian Sedatole.  
On Tuesday, Sept 15 they worked out from noon - 2 with fitness trainer Carlos Vega for some exercise!  Follow this blog to keep track of the latest workouts, nutrition and exercise tips from the Round to Rock Participants. For more information on the program visit