Round to Rock

December 2009 - Posts

Round to Rock Participants Begin Final Week With A Cooking Demo and Weigh-In

The final week began with a cooking demo with a Chef from Seton Medical Center Williamson.  The Chef demonstrated how to prepare a stir-fry meal using low sodium ingredients and frozen vegetables to speed up the meal preparation process.  Preparing healthy desserts was also discussed. DESSERT PREPARATION TIP: Use fruit to satisfy cravings for sugar based desserts. Pass on the cake, brownies, pudding, etc. and instead, replace them with fresh fruit.  When the Chef was done cooking, all the participants enjoyed a healthy and nutritious lunch! 

This week, the “Round to Rock” participants will complete their final week of workouts and the final results will be revealed in an upcoming blog posting and media announcement. I would like to hear from the “Round to Rock” participants and the public who want to share their feedback with us.  Here is the question. What are the pros and cons of working with personal trainers?