Round to Rock

November 2009 - Posts

As We Head Into The Holidays...

The Round To Rock participants recently worked with the Seton Medical Center Williamson nutritionists to discuss upcoming challenges associated with eating healthy during the holidays. The participants went through an assessment to record their progress in the program and then had a round table discussion on how to make their favorite holiday dishes in a lighter healthier manner. The topic of the conversation: "how to lighten up holiday recipes for the family and when does moderation and portion control seem like a viable solution.

 What are your personal food challenges and fitness goals during this holiday season? We would like to know.

Round To Rock Participants Begin Week 8 With a Cooking Demo

Week 8 began with a cooking demo from Chef Michael Edison with Seton Hospital.  Chef Edison demonstated how to stuff and bake an apple, cook a Moroccan chicken dish and saute spinach.  When Chef Edison was done cooking, all the participants enjoyed lunch!

I would like to hear from the Round to Rock participants who want to share their feedback on this learning experience.  I