Round Rocker: Parks and Recreation 411

July 2011 - Posts

Parks Development Updates Issue #2

Construction has continued around town and many projects are coming along quite nicely. As the Parks and Recreation Department has met with community members, new projects have been added to enhance various features around the city.

Chisholm Valley Park
Located in the Chisholm Valley housing development, Chisholm Valley Park spans 3.32 acres and includes a shelter, picnic areas, grills, one playscape, and a practice field. A Public Input Meeting was held on July 13 about the Chisholm Valley Park improvements. Funding is already in place for the removal and replacement of several park amenities. Currently, the focus is on new playground equipment and a walking trail. Pending funding, future plans may also include a multipurpose field, sand volleyball court, and a basketball court.

Rock Hollow Trail
Rock Hollow Park spans 12.52 acres and includes 0.44 miles of trail. Also in the park are picnic areas, grills, and two playscapes. The grounds are located inside the Chandler Creek neighborhood and the amenities offer multiple options for outdoor recreation and play.
A Public Input Meeting was held on July 12 to discuss the improvements to Rock Hollow Trail. The objective of the improvements is to re-align the trail in a few areas to allow for better access to park features and to improve the current intersections and connectivity. Funding is already in place to remove and replace the existing trail throughout the park.

Clay Madsen Recreation Center
The Clay Madsen Recreation Center was closed for part of last month as basketball and racquetball courts as well as floors throughout the building were refurbished. This month, the weight room received an important and state-of-the-art equipment upgrade. The weight room was closed for one week as all of the old equipment and flooring was removed, recycled rubber fitness flooring was added, and brand new equipment from Precor was installed. All of the equipment in the room looks streamlined and modern. As an added bonus, the hallways throughout the building received a finished coat to make them extra shiny. And they finished everything in less time than they had planned!

Play for All Abilities Park
A park designed for children of all ages and abilities – who could have thought of that? A family who has a child with a disability and has had trouble in the past finding a park suitable for their child to play in, that’s who. The Play for All Abilities Park has been designed for children of all abilities to play in side-by-side without hindrance. And construction has already begun!

Construction continues at the park as workers lay down utilities and electrical lines.  All the brush has been cleared away from the area and the next project will be grading of the site and earth work.

Main Street Plaza
Lying adjacent to the City Hall building, this construction project is intended to create a friendly, green environment and be family focused. The goal is to bring art and culture together with interactive and imaginative play and education as well as use for rest and relaxation during the day.

The next two weeks will be busy for the workers at the Main Street Plaza site. Scheduled to go up are the stage, shade structure poles, fountain pumps, and art screens. Also in the works are the sidewalks and seats built into the walls for convenient comfort.

MOC Plaza (Municipal Office Complex)
The MOC plaza is located behind the McConico Building and next to the Allen R Baca Center, an area of Round Rock that is largely office and retail. This plaza will create a space for workers to enjoy and relax on breaks and for patrons to use before/after their visits to the surrounding establishments. The MOC Plaza will also provide a place to hold events such as the Juneteenth celebration, music and theater performances, farmers market, etc.  Additionally, the plaza could be rented out for family reunions and weddings.

The design plans for the MOC Plaza are 90% completed and awaiting approval. Below is what the plaza should look like when it is completed in Spring of 2012.

Settlement Park
Construction started at Settlement Park on Thursday, July 14. Plans for the park include replacing the playground, trail, and fence and adding a fountain in the pond and a pavilion. This project is funded by the Repair and Replacement Program and Park Development Fund.

Summerset Park
Located near Old Town Meadows and Peach Tree Valley neighborhoods, Summerset Park spans 9.61 acres and includes 0.41 miles of trail, picnic facilities with grills, and a playscape. The playscape looks a little lonely out there, so improvements and additions are in the works.
The plans are 100% completed for Summerset Park and have all been approved. Bidding for the improvements will begin in August.

Buck Egger Park
Near downtown Round Rock, Buck Egger Park has a playscape, swings, and a practice soccer field/football field. The 3.08 acre park is a fun play area for kids throughout the city.

Plans are completed for Buck Egger’s new parking lot and synthetic turf. This project is funded by the commercial Block Grant. Bidding will begin the week of July 25th and construction is scheduled to begin in September.

Triple Crown Complex Restrooms
If you’ve spent much time at the Old Settlers Park baseball fields, you know that the Triple Crown Complex is the only baseball diamond in the park without indoor plumbing. The complex has port-a-cans and there has long been a movement to get them replaced with restrooms. Well, here we go!
Concept designs are complete for the new restrooms at the Triple Crown Complex. Construction will begin soon and the restrooms should be open by the end of the year.