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June 2011 - Posts

Parks Development Updates Issue #1

Currently, the Parks and Recreation Department has so many construction projects going on that it’s probably hard for everyone to keep up with it all... But we know that you want to!

Every month, this blog will be updated with current information on the different construction projects around town – what’s been going on, what still needs to be done, how close we are to finishing, any changes that have been made to the design along the way, etc. Keep checking back here to stay updated on all the projects that you care about. We'll even offer you video updates on some projects as they are coming along!

Clay Madsen Recreation Center
The Clay Madsen Recreation Center has been under construction lately as different portions of the building get refurbished and revitalized. The floors in the hallways, basketball courts, and racquetball courts were resurfaced so now they are smooth and shiny. New logos were painted on the courts for the City of Round Rock and the Sports Capital of Texas.

The center will be closed for another round of updates on July 9th and 10th. An additional finish coat will be added to the hallway floors and the weight room floors and equipment will be replaced. This is great news as CMRC will have state-of-the-art equipment for your enjoyment once completed.

Play for All Abilities Park
A park designed for children of all ages and abilities – who could have thought of that? A family who has a child with a disability and has had trouble in the past finding a park suitable for their child to play in, that’s who. The Play for All Abilities Park has been designed for children of all abilities to play in side-by-side without hindrance. And construction has already begun!

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Play for All Abilities Park went smoothly, despite the rain, on May 19. Since then, the brush has been cleared away and the utilities and electrical lines have been laid down.  The next step in the project is to do some earth work. The Play for All Abilities Park is located at Rabb Park.


Main Street Plaza
Lying adjacent to the City Hall building, this construction project is intended to create a friendly, green environment and be family focused. The goal is to bring art and culture together with interactive and imaginative play and education as well as use for rest and relaxation during the day.

The ground for the plaza has been graded and utilities have been laid. The next steps are to drill piers for the shade structure and begin plumbing work for the interactive water fountain. The plaza is expected to be completed in August 2011.

Check out the Main Street Plaza design (PDF)

MOC Plaza (Municipal Office Complex)
The MOC plaza is located behind the McConico Building and next to the Allen R Baca Center, an area of Round Rock that is largely office and retail. This plaza will create a space for workers to enjoy and relax on breaks and for patrons to use before/after their visits to the surrounding establishments. The MOC Plaza will also provide a place to hold events such as the Juneteenth celebration, music and theater performances, farmers market, etc.  Additionally, the plaza could be rented out for family reunions, weddings, etc. There is already an abundance of parking in the area, providing for easy access to the plaza. The design plans for the MOC Plaza have been updated and are approximately 60% finished – including seating, shade, lighting, and art pieces that could be permanent or rotated. Construction is scheduled to start this fall and completed in the spring of 2012.

Check out the MOC Plaza design (PDF)

Settlement Park
This park is already home to a playground, basketball court, and a pond. Over time, however, all things wear down and need some repair or replacing. With the help of the Repair and Replacement Program and the Park Development Fund, Settlement Park is being repaired and updated in order to remain a safe and enjoyable place for children and families. The playground, trail, and fence will be replaced and a fountain will be added to the pond. Also to be added to the park is a pavilion for shade, rest, and relaxation during a busy day of fun. Construction is scheduled to begin in July 2011.

Somerset Park
The design for Somerset Park is 90% completed and will include a playground, a trail, and a small pavilion. Currently, the city is working with Oncor Electric to get approval to begin construction in Oncor’s right-of-way.

Buck Egger Park
Buck Egger Park is already home to a playscape and a practice soccer/football field. Now it’s going to get a little more updated. With the help of Community Development Block Grant Funding, we are installing synthetic turf in the field and putting in a parking lot. Construction is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2011.

Triple Crown Complex Restrooms
If you’ve spent much time at the Old Settlers Park baseball fields, you know that the Triple Crown Complex is the only baseball diamond in the park without indoor plumbing. The complex has port-a-cans and there has long been a movement to get them replaced with restrooms. Well, here we go!
We are currently in negotiations with the architect and have plans to begin the project in 6-8 weeks. Construction is scheduled to begin in fall 2011.