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Assist Director Cory Stryon becomes Chair of the Quality Texas Foundation

The City of Round Rock Parks and Recreation would like to congratulate our Assist Director, Cory Styron, on his new position as Chair for the Quality Texas Foundation, which he took over on July 1.

The Quality Texas Foundation is an organization created to help bring great success to businesses and organizations throughout Texas. With the criterion that the Quality Texas Foundation uses, businesses have the ability to achieve excellence through a practical application.

Cory has worked with the Quality Texas Foundation for nine years and will serve a three year term as Chair. He moved into the position from Vice Chair, which he was appointed last year.

He was nominated by his peers for Chair in early June and elected into the position by mid-June. The Quality Texas Foundation prefers that a candidate for Chair have 3-5 years of experience with the Baldridge Criteria used by the Quality Texas Foundation. Cory has been on a different criteria team for the Foundation at least once a year all of his nine years with the Foundation.

Way to go Cory! We are proud of your achievement and know you’ll do a great job bringing quality to Texas business including Parks and Recreation where quality matters!


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