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July 4 Frontier Days: a memorable experience

My first July 4 Frontier Days Celebration was a success. It was hot out there and I don’t think I’ve ever drank that much water, but it was still fun.

The parade was great. There were many interesting floats and a lot of people out there to support the parade. Bama Brown from KASE 101 was funny and did a fantasitic job at entertaining the crowd. The kids had a lot of fun out there with all the candy and small toys being thrown to them from the floats.

The Parks and Recreation Department has something to brag about; the Allen R. Baca Center won the Best Civic and Best Overall parade float entries with “Life is Sweet at the Allen R. Baca Center.”

The celebration continued out at Old Settlers Park. I caught the first Sam Bass Shoot Out. They had some sound problems at first, but they more than made up for it with the gun fire. Then I headed over to watch part of the Lion’s Club One Hole Washer Tourney had a lot people out there to support the Play for All Abilities Park. I tried my hand at washers, but I’m thinking I need to pick another pass time; I didn’t do so hot.

The Boat Regatta was personally my favorite event of the whole day. It was entertaining watching the cardboard boats try to navigate their way around the course. The EcoBox was entertaining to watch go down. He started to go down in the second heat at the very start, but kept going. He finished the race by swimming a piece of his boat to the finish line. Watch the EcoBox go down at It was great.

The Orca also made a dramatic sinking. The boat was modeled after the boat on Jaws. It even had a blow up shark following behind the boat. The crew of the boat jumped from the boat and took on the shark and eventually brought the boat down. Parks and Recreation can add another thing to brag about to their list because the Top Gun boat won the People’s Choice Award for having the best boat design; it was created and rowed by a few parks and recreation employees.

The pepper eating contest was also entertaining. The most peppers eaten were 57 by a man named Steve. He didn’t even flinch. Afterward he enjoyed a nice cup of milk. The runner up was Alexander Sherry with 40 peppers. He won last year by eating 69 peppers, but I guess this year he couldn’t take the heat. He still ate more peppers that I would ever dare try.

The night ended with fireworks. This firework show was not your typical fireworks show. The Frontier Days Celebration and the Dell Diamond coordinated their fireworks shows to start at the same time and it was awesome. No matter where you looked in the sky you saw fireworks. It was great.

To see the pictures from the July 4 Frontier Celebration including the parade visit Pictures for the Boat Regatta are at



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