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July 4: Sam Bass Shoot Out

Only two days left until the July 4 Frontier Days Celebration takes place! This my first Frontier Days Celebration. That also means it's my first Sam Bass Shoot Out. I wasn’t quite sure what a Sam Bass Shoot Out was, so I did some research.

The Same Bass Shoot Out is the reenactment of an actual shoot out between the outlaw Sam Bass and his gang and the Deputy Sheriffs A.W. Grime and Morris Moore of Round Rock.

Sam Bass was wanted by the Texas Rangers for robbing trains in North Texas. He made his way down to Round Rock where he was recognized and the authorities were notified. The deputy sheriffs caught up with him at a bank he was planning to rob. The confrontation resulted in a shoot out between the two groups. Deputy Sheriff A.W. Grimes was killed and Sam Bass was fatally wounded in the gun fight.

It sounds like the Sam Bass Shoot Out at the Frontier Days is going to be an exciting scene to watch. The Shoot Out is happening at Old Settlers Park as a part of the Frontier Days Celebration. There are three chances to catch the reenactment: 12:30, 3:00 and 6:20 pm.

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