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July 4: hot jalapenos and sinking boats, exciting stuff to see

The July 4 Frontier Days Celebration is only three days away and after going over the list of events taking place there are two things happening that I can’t wait to see.

The first is the Pepper Eating Contest. Contestants will eat as many jalapeno peppers as they can in hopes of winning the $75 cash prize. Last year’s winner ate 69 peppers; that is about $1.09 per pepper!

The Pepper Eating Contest starts at 2:00 pm at the Lakeview Pavilion. Mike Warren from Fox 7 News will be the MC for the event and I’ve heard he has some interested pepper facts to share with the crowd.

The second thing I can’t wait to watch is the Boat Regatta. This is where teams create cardboard boats to try to navigate a race course in the lake at Old Settlers Park. I can’t wait to see which boats take on water and which can manage to make it around the course.

The Boat Regatta races also start at 2:00 pm, but don’t worry you can see both. The Pepper Eating Contest will be finished before the Regatta ends so all those wanting to watch both can see the Pepper Eating Contest and then make the short walk over to the lake to catch the rest of the Boat Regatta. It’s going to be fun!

For more information about the July 4 Frontier Days Celebration and a list of events visit


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