Round Rocker: Parks and Recreation 411

Life Scout soars above and beyond for Round Rock in hopes of going Eagle

Life Scout, James Hall, organized a community service project where he and other volunteers planted 44 trees in the City of Round Rock’s Bowman Park on Friday, June 5.

Hall is completing the requirements to become an Eagle Scout. One of the requirements is to do a community service project that will benefit an organization other than the Boy Scouts. The community project is a way for the Scout to show leadership. James and his volunteers teamed up with the city's Parks and Recreation department to help serve the community.

 Ten Yaupon Pride of Houston, ten Wax Myrtles, six Cedar Elms, five Arizona Cypress, five Live Oak, five Red Oak and three Burr Oak trees were planted to diversify the area and develop the park. The trees will help shade the nature trail and the play ground area, as well as, provide privacy for the homes near the park.


Thanks James and all the other volunteers who came to help. Your service is just one way that Round Rock Parks and Recreation stays beautiful.


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