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February 2009 - Posts

Come Make Cardboard Boats!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to build a boat out of cardboard?  Well on Wednesday, February 25th, a few Round Rockers came out to learn exactly how it’s done.  William Dobrowolski, an excellent engineer and the reigning “I can’t believe that’s cardboard” champion gave a few pointers on how to get the job done.  Tim Bargainer also gave advice about how to build a sturdy boat.  Those who came out are all preparing for the annual Round Rock the Boat Regatta that’s coming up in May.  Don’t let your boat sink!  Come join us at the next tutorial!

Tennis Madness in March

Frosty January days have come and gone and cupid’s month is nearly up so what do you have planned for March? The birds are chirping and the temperature is just right so, why not come play a little tennis? On March 4th at 6p.m. the Parks and Recreation Department will dedicate a new tennis building!  The new facility will include a climate controlled bathroom.  Modern amenities such as this as well as large storage areas will help tournament organizers ensure successful events at Old Settlers Park.  Come show off that mean backhand of yours you’ve been hiding all winter.  Dust off your racket and meet us on the court.

Girl scouts plant tree at Brush Recycling Center
More than 20 Junior Girl Scouts, Leaders & Parents from Troop 49 – West Round Rock Service Unit helped plant a tree at the City’s Brush Recycling Center on Saturday, February 14. The tree planting helped the Troop 49 as they earn their Eco-Action Ecology Badge. The troop also donated a tree as part of the volunteer event.  Its always a great help when volunteers come to us wanting to further beautify our parks and city. The forestry staff will water and care for the trees over the coming years as they help shade and screen the facility. Special thanks to Troop 49 for helping beautify our parks and community. 


Rain or Shine - New Steer Installed on Tuesday

Early Tuesday morning while many Round Rockers were still cozy in bed, a few brave souls battled raging winds and splashing rain to install the newest steer in Chisholm Trail Park.  The Park and Recreation Department’s Ground Maintenance Crew came out with their enormous tools to install Round Rock’s newest larger than life steer. 
It was a crazy scene!  With giant pulleys, trucks, and plenty of hard hats, some of Round Rock’s finest went up against nature to install the 1200 pound steer.
The steer is the newest statue in The Crossing at Chisholm Trail Park which, once completed, will depict a cattle drive on the Chisholm Trail.
For those of you who were cozy in bed on that rainy morning and missed all of the action, come join us on February 20th at 10am, for the dedication of the newest steer.  The weather man is promising sunnier skies so won’t you please join us? 
Click here to see pictures from the install. 

Parks and Rec programs online

Registration begins March 30 for parks and recreation summer programs.  In the meantime, customers can look online at and browse the programs offered in the summer by Round Rock Parks and Recreation.  

Be the first in line when registration begins on March 30, by going online in advance and selecting the programs for you and your family.  While the printed program guide won't be available until mid-March, customers can currently browse all programs now.  So, if you're trying to figure out swim lessons, summer camp, sports camps, tennis or golf lessons for the summer, head to


Come Rock the Boat!

You know the saying, “whatever floats your boat?” Well on May 16, the only thing that will be keeping your boat afloat will be cardboard and tape!  Get the whole family together because everyone knows the more the merrier, and see if you and the gang can stay afloat on the lake at Old Settlers Park. Last year 16 boats ventured out onto the water and we had a blast watching as some of the crew made it to the other side dry while others had to swim for it! We even posted our cool video showing the fun from last year! Come on out to Old Settlers Park and see if you and your family has what it takes to get from one side of the lake to the other without getting soaked from head to toe! Now that you’ve made plans to be at Old Settlers Park on May 16, the only question left is who’s going to be your crew’s captain?