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Round Rock named its "biggest losers"

Did you know that Round Rock had its own"Biggest Loser" contest? Many of Round Rock’s very own walked, jogged, skipped, and even ran over to the Clay Madsen Recreation Center. During the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 20 members worked with personal trainers to see who could be Round Rock’s Biggest Loser. 

The contest began with the contestants being weighed and having the body fat percentages documented to track their progress.  Although qualified trainers were available and used during the competition, the contestants had to work on their own to keep up!  The contestants were all driven to work their hardest by the incredible prizes waiting for them at the finish line!  First place received a heart monitor, second place received a pedometer, and third place won a sports bottle!

Congratulations to Kerre Wise Pittman, Round Rock’s very own Biggest Loser, for losing 25 pounds!  Great job to Peggy Narcisse who came in second place by losing eight pounds and to Maurey Best who lost three pounds!  All of the contestants did a wonderful job losing weight and developing a life long commitment to physical fitness! So, do you think you’re up for being Round Rock’s next Biggest Loser? 




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