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When's the last time you played kickball?

The City's spring co-ed kickball league registration begins next week and I'm rounding up my coworkers to participate again this Spring. I would argue that we had the most fun of any team out there because we had an absolute blast. You couldn't miss our teams' consistent cheering section of coworkers who came out with a cooler (and cameras at times!) to cheer like crazy and document when we scored, threw the ball or even just when we kicked!  It was a great time and whether we intended it at first or not, it became a great team building because we were able to cut loose outside the office and play together.  I originally had this crazy thought that kickball was an easy game we played in elementary school because anyone can kick a ball right?  LOL.  Well I learned its not necessarily easy when you're an adult! 

So when are you joining a team? The registration form is on the parks and recreation website. Come join the fun!


Brooks Bennett said:

I would love to see some pics of your team in action... I bet that was a riot.

# December 31, 2008 11:14 AM
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