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REI volunteers clear Brushy Creek East Trail corridor

Last Saturday, September 6, there were 67 REI employee volunteers and eight City of Round Rock Forestry and Parks Division staff who spent their Saturday morning making the Brushy Creek East Trail even more beautiful!


The volunteers did a great job clearing undesirable tree species such as hazardous hackberries and Chinaberries from the trail. These trees are important to remove because they could fall, and have fallen, on the highly traveled trail in the past.


The trail runs west from Forest Bluff subdivision, to Sonoma subdivision, at A.W. Grimes Blvd and is a beautiful trail passage way. Have you seen the Brushy Creek East Trail? What do you think of it? And if you know a group that wants to volunteer with the City of Round Rock like REI did, call us at 218-5540!


See pictures of the volunteers at the city's flickr page.




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