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September 2008 - Posts

What's up with the lights?

What’s up with the lights at the softball complex? Why is the city leaving lights on during the day? - Well, we're not crazy or forgetting to shut off the light switch. As lighting goes up at Old Settlers Park’s softball complex, the lights will be lit during daylight hours from Thursday, September 25 through Friday, October 3 as part of the testing and installation process.

In order to make sure the lights reach their peak performance we need to leave them on. We figured the least distraction would be during the day versus having them on for several hours at night. This is all part of the Old Settlers Park Sports Complex Improvement Project which includes $18.2 million of renovations and upgrades to Old Settlers Park. So, if you notice the lights are on, we're aware of it and working for you!

Outlaw Trail 100 Cycling Tour - beat the late fee!

Saddle up!  It’s time for the 21st annual Outlaw Trail 100 Cycling Tour on October 18 in Round Rock, Texas.  This is a reminder to sign up NOW because late registration fees start Sept 29.

Last year we had many athletes wait until the day of to register. By registering early, you'll get the T-shirt size you sign up for, a full goodie bag, and you save money.  The early bird does get the worm;  Register online at and enjoy the special $30 early rate.


Clay Madsen and Skate Park reopen

The Clay Madsen Recreation Center and Round Rock Skatepark reopen today after a week of renovations and maintenance work. Thanks to everyone who held tight during the last week. The Clay Madsen Recreation Center locker room and arts and crafts room are still temporarily closed, and we estimate a reopen date of September 25. Thanks for your cooperation as we continue to spruce up the facility!

Babysitting hours at Clay Madsen

The Clay Madsen Recreation Center has made a small change in babysitting hours. The babysitting room will now be open until noon on weekdays. The Clay Madsen Recreation Center offers the Madsen Playroom for only $2 an hour for up to two hours. This amenity helps busy parents who want to stay active. The playroom is professionally supervised, so parents can rest easy while they work out.

9 a.m. - noon Monday - Friday and 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. Monday - Thursday

Clay Madsen is proud to offer this service to our patrons. With the revised hours, please make sure you schedule your work outs accordingly!

PARKing Day is Friday Sept 19

This Friday Round Rock Parks and Recreation will join REI in celebrating National PARKing Day 2008. A parking spot in downtown Round Rock will turn into a temporary park from 11 am - 1 pm. Come check it out!

National Park(ing) Day is an opportunity to celebrate parks in cities and promote the need for more parks by creating temporary public parks in public parking spaces.

If you follow this blog, you're probably already interested in parks or a park user. For more information about how you can support Round Rock parks visit the People and Parks website. We hope you enjoy the parks here in Round Rock as we work hard to provide you beautiful recreational parks. I really like Memorial Park. It's got such a cute secluded element about it! Which Round Rock park is your favorite?

85 Dell volunteers help trees in Old Settlers Park

Eighty-five Dell Inc. employee volunteers worked with Round Rock Forestry Division at Old Settlers Park mulching trees along Harrell Parkway on September 12 from 9 am –noon.

The 85 Dell volunteers worked along the park road for several hours transporting mulch and laying it at the bottom of several trees in the park. The City of Round Rock forestry division provided the mulch and tools including loaders, wheel barrels, pitchforks and Dell volunteers provided the labor! This volunteer effort is one of many by Dell Inc in helping the City of Round Rock Parks and Recreation Forestry Division. For more information on how to volunteer with Round Rock Parks and Recreation call 512-218-5540.  You all rock! Thank you Dell!

 See the pictures at the city's flickr page.

Round Rock reschedules Concert Series featuring Los Texas Wranglers

Well, Hurricane Ike is causing quite the frenzy for Round Rock this week as we prepare for many evacuees to come into our city to escape the storm. Unfortunately, the expected wind and rain has postponed the Round Rock Concert Series slated for Sunday Sept 14.

We never want to cancel the fun, but it won't be fun if the weather isn't wonderful, so mark your calendar now for the second Sunday in October (October 12) and plan to come out and enjoy the music of Los Texas Wranglers this fall at the Round Rock Amphitheater, 301 W Bagdad, at 7 pm. Get more information on the band and the free concert details at the city's website.


REI volunteers clear Brushy Creek East Trail corridor

Last Saturday, September 6, there were 67 REI employee volunteers and eight City of Round Rock Forestry and Parks Division staff who spent their Saturday morning making the Brushy Creek East Trail even more beautiful!


The volunteers did a great job clearing undesirable tree species such as hazardous hackberries and Chinaberries from the trail. These trees are important to remove because they could fall, and have fallen, on the highly traveled trail in the past.


The trail runs west from Forest Bluff subdivision, to Sonoma subdivision, at A.W. Grimes Blvd and is a beautiful trail passage way. Have you seen the Brushy Creek East Trail? What do you think of it? And if you know a group that wants to volunteer with the City of Round Rock like REI did, call us at 218-5540!


See pictures of the volunteers at the city's flickr page.



Round Rock Skate Park closes for a week

Father and son enjoy the skate parkIf you haven't heard yet, plan ahead as the City of Round Rock's 14,000 sq.ft. skate park will be closed September 15 - 21 for maintenance.  Grindline and Ideal Skatepark will be in town performing maintenance on the facility. During that week, we ask all skateboarders to please keep clear of the park so that routine maintenance work can get done as quickly as possible.

We did our best to coordinate the maintenance and postpone it until school was back in session so we didn't have to reduce summer hours. I know we're looking at some potential rain next week with Hurricane Ike, so check the blog and city's website for updates.