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You Can Now Become a Facebook Fan of the City of Round Rock

That's right your hometown is cool enough to be on facebook! We have created a page that you can become a fan of and have all the fun of Facebook while tapping into information and happenings going on around you. It is also a good way to talk other people from Round Rock and learn about new places, events or things to do that you would have never known!

I am excited that we have decided to join Facebook and create this page. I think it's going to be a great way for everyone to stay in touch. ALSO it features all of my blogs (YAY)!! Plus, City Focus Episodes, discussion forums, and a list of upcoming events can be found on our page. So come check us out. There is tons of awesome new stuff to get hooked on, as if Facebook is not addicting enough! 

To find us you can type City of Round Rock in your search tool and our fan page should show up. Click on the link and you can check out our page and become a fan!


Brooks Bennett said:

You can also get to the page by surfing to:

# August 28, 2008 11:04 AM
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