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Huge trees at Old Settlers Park

Round Rock Forestry began a massive planting at Old Settlers Park in conjunction with the Sports Complex Improvement Project last week.  When the construction at Old Settlers baseball and softball complex is complete, there will be 500 trees in Old Settlers Park and the shade will make a world of difference. City Forester Emsud Horozovic said these are the largest trees the city has ever planted in Old Settlers Park. They are 4 inch Calipers and are 15-20 feet tall. To put the size in perspective, our crews and contractors have to use a backhoe to lift the large trees into place to plant them!

An assortment of Cedar Elm, Bur Oaks, Shumard, and Chinquapin Oak trees are part of the planting.

The trees are purchased with money from tree mitigation funds through the City of Round Rock tree ordinance.  The city tree ordinance helps preserve existing protected-sized trees and provides funding to replace any trees that are removed from development projects. If trees can not be all replaced on site then tree mitigation can be paid to plant trees in city park and on other public land.
These trees will not only look nice, but they'll also provide shade at the complex. Its exciting to see these big trees become part of Old Settlers Park!

Check out the pictures on our city's flickr page!


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