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Round Rock Lifeguards Compete in the South Texas Lifeguard Competition

Congratulations to the Round Rock lifeguards for thier success in the 2008 South Texas Lifeguard Competition!


This was the second year that Round Rock has entered the competition. Round Rock entered the Rock’N River Donuts, Lake Creek Ligers, and Kresbach Rescuers. In order to prove their lifeguard skills, the Round Rock teams were put to the test with various events. Some of these events include: First Aid scenarios, Spinal Management, Water Resuscitation Rescue, Passive Victim Recover Relay and CPR for the Professional Rescuer Scenarios. Scenarios ranged from drowning and hypothermia victims, to head gashes and chemical burns.  Using strict reviewing criteria, the teams were reviewed, ranked and placed.

Rock'N River medaled 5th in the Rescue Scenario!

The City is very proud their lifeguard's accomplishments and we look forward to their future success in next years' competition.

To view the pictures from the competition visit the City's flickr page.


Brooks Bennett said:

Those pics look intense...

Seems like a very realistic competition. Congrats to all those who competed.

# July 23, 2008 9:02 AM
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