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Ole! Ole!

I do not know how many soccer fans are reading this, but if you enjoy watching soccer you should know that Round Rock is hosting the game between rivals America and Toluca. These are two highly ranked teams from Mexico coming to battle each other TONIGHT at the Round Rock Indepedent Schood District Sports Complex beginning at 8 pm. 

It is great that the game is being played in Round Rock.  It is a good opportunity to take the kids out to see a great soccer match. I know there are a lot of soccer camps and training sessions going on throughout the summer and this could be a good learning tool to let them watch and experience a live professional game!

This should be a great game, and even if you do not know much about soccer, the excitement and intensity of this game should be a crowd pleaser. I was personally ecstatic when I saw the news. There is nothing better than good, live soccer! I hope you can make it to the game tonight!

Read more about the upcoming soccer game and the teams playing tonight!


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