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Gas Prices Strike Again!

The City of Round Rock is increasing the cost for trash pick-up $0.81. With diesel costing an average of $4.50 a gallon, the Round Rock Refuse, the residential trash pick-up service, has asked to increase the cost of residential pick-up.  The City Counsil approved the increase June 12.  Therefore, the next time you see your trash bill, expect to see the increase.

In case you are displeased with the increase in trash prices, let me inform you that even with the $0.81 increase you are still paying dollars less that other Williamson County cities.

Round Rock: $12.81

Georgetown: $14.05 in city, $16.55 outside city

Cedar Park: $16.21

Read more about the price increase.

Can you blame them?

Fun story: the other day I was driving to the river with my friends and we played the "which car would you rather have" game.  The game quickly turned into, which car is more fuel efficient. Who cares what it looks like now, if you can get 45 MPG sign me up! Let me know if you have any stories like mine, it is amazing how the increase in gas prices effects everyone differently.

This is also a good time to plan activities closer to home. With the cost of gas going up, what recreational activities are you going to do closer to home? You might want to check out your neighborhood park or ride a bike on the Greater Lake Creek Trail (or everywhere for that matter). What are some of your ideas or some of the things you have done to save on gas and still have fun in your community??


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