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Dog Park Update

I am glad that people are commenting about the dog park.  Your comments give me great feedback that I can relay to make the park better and more enjoyable for the community. 

I have a few updates on the Dog Depot: The running water connection should be complete by Monday (June 9, 2008) This will provide the dogs with a constant supply of water, which is especially great in this heat.  Also, there will be temporary signs put up around the dog park to make sure first time users know where to park and enter (this can be confusing).  Permanent signs will be put up by the end of the summer.

Future amenities consist of a shading structure for the small dog area. 

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.


wnnr4lyf said:

I saw that you were seeking ideas for the new Dog Depot.  Obviously as a dog owner I was thrilled to see the park open in our community.  As for my idea I've had it since I was kid and thrilled to be able to suggest it.  I have always thought it would be neat to have a "Common Man" dog show for unregistered dogs.  I've never attended a dog show but looked at them on T.V.  Some fun categories could be largest dog, smallest dog, most magnificent mix, cutest, and maybe most affectionate, also for a good old Texas Twist the "RUGLY DOG" (Really-Ugly Dog.  Maybe there could be a Doggie Talent Search or something like it.  

The main thing is for people who wouldn't normally get to show off their dog to do so and without some of the "pomp" that the formal dog shows have.  I thought that could go with the theme of keeping Round Rock moderately unusual.  I hope you all like the ideas and can run with it, I can only imagine the smiles and wagging tails.  A friend of mine thought it would be nice to have a small water park for dogs to cool off in, much like the water park in Brushy Creek Lake Park at the western end of Sam Bass Road. On the water park it could be something as simple as the water that shoots up from the ground in spurts like the "chasing water fountains" I've seen around. Thank you so much for including us in some of the decisions for what we do with and for our community, Dale Johnson

# June 7, 2008 11:27 AM

Kristi Morgan said:

That is a really great idea. I think it would be great to get the community out to the dog park to show off their dogs. Everyone's dog is unique in some way. Like you said, we could create a bunch of different awards to give out to the dogs and owners.  

I want to thank your for posting your ideas.  We want to be able to create an event that the community wants to participate in. We will definately take your ideas into consideration while planning a dog park event! If we decide to have a "Common Man Dog Show," would you like to take part in the planning? This would consist of attending a couple planning meetings.

Also, if you want to tell your friend, we have just set up a running water connection in the dog park that should be running as of today. In the near future we will put in a spray feature for the dogs to be able to play in and cool off.  There will also be misters for dog owners to use to cool off.

# June 9, 2008 11:15 AM
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