Round Rocker: Parks and Recreation 411

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Hello and welcome to the Round Round Rock Parks and Recreation blog. I am the summer intern and want to share events and parks and recreation happenings with everyone.  We are just getting started with social media and everyone is working hard to get this up and going, and excited to be able to converse with the community!

Since we are just getting started, I want to let you know where you can find Parks and Rec. information.  You probably know that we have a website because thats how you found this blog, but if not, the City's website is This is where you can find a majority of information on the City of Round Rock. There is also a City Event Calendar on the website that shows all the upcoming events for the month.  If you ever miss an event or want to see if you were captured at an event, Parks and Rec. has a flickr page where we put event pictures.

Of course I will also be updating you with the Parks and Recreation scoop so RSS to me, "Favorites" tag me, or just keep in touch.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to comment on the blog and I will get back to you.


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