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We Want to Publish Your Poetry...Again

Welcome to April and the plethora of celebrations it brings. April is the national month of Humor, as you might have suspected with the typical celebration of foolery taking place on the first. You may not have known, however, that April is also the month dedicated to the celebration of guitars, to lawns and gardens, and to keeping America Beautiful. April is the month we celebrate pecans, welding, peanut butter and jelly, children's books, tweed, pretzels, hairstyles and honesty. 


April is also (here is the big one) National Poetry Month!quill penquill pen


April is the month we celebrate poetry and all it has meant to us. Here at the Round Rock Public Library, we celebrate poetry by publishing it. That is to say, we publish your poetry. In April of last year, we began collecting verses of local culture from Round Rock Citizen Poets for publication in a book. This year we will celebrate by having original contributors and authors of that book read their poetry.


We will also be collecting poems for the second annual Round Rock book of poetry. Celebrate poetry this month by creating your own, then send it to us by way of postings to this blog or just e-mail them to [email protected]. Poetry can be of any style, but we have 4 categories to start you off.


Story Poetry:                Tell us a story.

Metaphorical Poetry:   Write a poem about something that is really about something else.

 Image Poetry:             Create a poem with vivid imagery. Use any or all of the senses.

 Totally Freestyle:        Give us some poetry with attitude.


Join us also in celebrating National Poetry Month on:

April 17th  with a live poetry reading featuring selections from the authors of the first poetry book compiled by the Round Rock Library. These are works by your own friends and neighbors. 

April 26th for National Poem in Your Pocket Day. Just carry a short poem you enjoy in your pocket all day and share it with those you meet. 


(Please remember we are asking for original poetry only. By submitting work for this project you attest that you are the original creator and owner of the intellectual property. Further, by submitting entries you license the Round Rock Library to include those entries into its published compilation, sales of which will benefit the Friends of the Round Rock Public Library. We thank you for sharing your creativity.)


David Sharp said:


Maybe one day we will be like 1 in our souls, Maybe one day we will love like no other, Truly,Madly,Deeply....Forever.

Maybe one day the sun will rise for our hearts to glow brighter then any other.

Maybe one day we can enjoy the moon as it smiles and dances with the stars, Maybe one day our wrongs will be right ....

Maybe one day we can turn our miseries into angel dust and fly away, Maybe one day, Just maybe we will leave this world together.....

-Teresa Cooley

# April 24, 2012 2:54 PM

David Sharp said:

Poor Little Skin Girl

I can’t believe she thought she could be in cheer,

Genetta said as she brushed her silky hair

She would just embarrass the squad, you know,

Paloma adjusted the feathers behind her ear

Does she even get how ugly she is,

Anniela smoothed in some more lotion

She must, Annie, she’s doing it for spite,

Genetta placed a drop of her special perfume

They shouldn’t even let her in our school,

Paloma continued to preen in the mirror

It’s probably the law or something,

Anniela scratched off some loose flakes

Shouldn’t the rules favor those of us who deserve it,

Genetta leaned forward to pick a speck from her teeth

And the ridiculous way she tries to cover that skin,

Paloma stretched out and shook everything in place

I know, with those grotesque pieces of colored cotton,

Anniela flicked her tongue a few times

I simply love what you’ve done with your wings, Paloma

Your new scales are just brilliant, Annie

That musk suits you perfectly, Genetta

Dennis Sustare

# April 24, 2012 2:55 PM

David Sharp said:

    Shadow Beneath

As my days swarm with chaos and pain,

I begin to go blind from all and to all.

I worked so hard to get here , now with a sudden blast of fear, the failure, my constant shadow always and forever there

tormenting me the shattered pieces of my heart.

Unsure of ones strength to remain calm,

Faith is fading fast.

That cruel shadow that lurks beneath.

Simple and sweet, a taste long wasted by humane remarks.

Precious faces with tears of sorrow.

First glance in ones eyes is normal,

Beneath the shadow of my past lurks on forever.

                          Teresa Cooley

# April 24, 2012 2:56 PM

David Sharp said:

There was an old woman named Daisy

Whose youth was now distant and hazy.

She had this to say,

Embrace life today.

Regreting will just make you crazy.

# April 24, 2012 3:03 PM

David Sharp said:

I went into my rocket

And found a yellow locket.

The locket was so fine,

But my friend was dying.

After she was dead,

I wore cloth of red,

I grabbed the yellow locket,

And left with the other rockets.

Signed:   :P

# April 24, 2012 3:06 PM

David Sharp said:

For Errol Todd Scott who departed this life too early

I love you favorite nephew/lil brother.

Your passing has given me great sorrow.

Your memories I will share for all the tomorrows.

My heart aches to see your face again.

Because of your grace, God's given me a chance.

...Words cannot express the fears I cry,

Pain I feel, memories I share,



# April 24, 2012 3:09 PM

David Sharp said:




(Anonymous people messing around with the poetry entry book. Well, the sign said we'd publish it. Poetry can take many forms, come and add to the conversation.)

# April 24, 2012 3:11 PM

David Sharp said:

Spring comes again, in warm rolling heat.

With green scents and new, bright color.

Yet the faintest hint remains, the softest breath,

of cutting, tingling coldness; this I love.

Presages of summer abound, too, forecasting

Dry, dusty roads and parched, needy grasses.

Future sights remain unseen, and yet!

And yet we can see, through a glass lightly,

Echoes reverberating down a coming hall.

Faint glimmers of a furnace, a consuming heat.

But are they future echoes or past echoes?

This I cannot tell.

  This we shall see.

     For this, we all pay.

-(Signed, but difficult to read.)

# April 24, 2012 3:17 PM

David Sharp said:

I see stars,

bright as the moon.

I see a fire.

bright and warm...

I see the face.

The face of a man...

I see my hair being brushed,

caressed out of my face...

I see smooth, delicate skin...

I see his eyes looking down in mine.

I watch as he sways gently.

I watch as the fire grows dime and cold.

I watch as the night slowly

ends...then I realize,

I am in love.

-Teresa Cooley

# April 24, 2012 3:21 PM

David Sharp said:

An Owed to Late Fines

It was gripping! It was tense!

A midnight page-turner all through!

It was, for the moment, the perfect book.

It was seven days overdue.

Yet how could I resign to relinquish

At this critical turn of the plot?

I could not bear to be parted,

with my tome. No, I could not!

And what of this twenty cent reproof

I am charged for my most heinous crimes?

Still, I will read till I'm finished.

I'll pay off my guilt in dimes.

It took me two weeks to complete it.

Two dollars and eighty cents due.

I exclaimed, "It was worth every penny!"

Quoth the librarian: "Why not renew?"

--David E. Sharp

# April 24, 2012 4:02 PM

David Sharp said:


On some days the softly falling snow

that silhouettes Snowshoe Mountain

should bring peace

Instead it brings sadness and memories of those

who once stood next to me at this window

and shared the peace

Time may ease but can never erase

I look out into the yard at Laddie and Sam Houston

making snow angels

I smile at the image of these two silly yard dogs

transformed into wild Steppenwolves

flying across a high mountain meadow

on an unseasonably warm autumn afternoon

becoming specks beneath a small grove of south facing aspen

whose leaves have still not fallen

Bob Roberts

# April 27, 2012 4:16 PM

David Sharp said:

              Acts of Blame

All these emotions,

flow like the oceans.

Poisoned by devotion,

Stained with pride,

hopes are broken.

Life is blood red,

floating dead

The sky is black

a storm of mishap,

hard to grasp the scenery as i gasp for air.

Infuriated beliefs

canned by hate.

Small miracle of believing,

crushed by fate .

Unsteady as the rolling hills,

feeling the fruit of grieving.

Forever to be untamed ,

souring like the eagle.

Irritating screaming ,

claws dig like swards.

Immortal scars,

smothering cloud of smoke.

*** the riches of this world,

sick of greed.

The world's war,

my wishes smash to the floor.

Closing this inseparable plague with a field of flames.

Teresa Cooley

# April 27, 2012 4:50 PM

David Sharp said:


With great pain

comes great pleasures

Blessings far past belief

Short as eternity

Forgive Yourself

stay strong like the reflection

know that your never alone.

                    Teresa Cooley

# April 27, 2012 4:51 PM

David Sharp said:

     Agape Love (Thank you all who helped me)

Today is the day we must pray,  

for the darkness shows no mercy.

As the test of faith raises doubt

lets all stand up and shout his name proudly!

Lord God see our pain and tears,

You know we are just human

Till we allow you to set our souls free.

Your only want is our un dieing love

                     Teresa Cooley

# April 27, 2012 4:51 PM
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