Poetry on the Pillars

December 2011 - Posts

Poetry Book is Here!
Well, it took a little longer (months) than we had intended, but the poetry book is here!

MusingsMusings: An Anthology of Poetry by the Citizens of Round Rock is a collection of poems written by and published for the citizens of our fair city. The library has, thus far, purchased a circulating copy and a copy to retain in the library (soon to hit the shelves).

The poems collected in this volume were submitted as a part of the library's celebration of poetry during National Poetry Month this past April. Poems were submitted by way of blog, e-mail and plain old pen and paper (A napkin in one case). Other poems were written piecemeal by patrons of the library who contributed a line or two in passing to growing poems posted on the pillars in the library. Come and enjoy the verses of your own friends and neighbors. And join the celebration in April 2012 by submitting some of your own poems to the second volume of Musings.

If you would like a copy of your own, join us for Christmas Family Night to take place this Friday, December 9th. The Friends of the RRPL have purchased several copies which they will make available for sale during the festivities. Or you can purchase your own copy for $10 at http://www.lulu.com/browse/search.php?fListingClass=0&fSearch=musings+round+rock