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So far for poetry submissions, we have covered odes, antique poems, limericks and metaphorical poetry.  So what if you have a poem that is not an ode, isn't old, doesn't follow the limerick formula and has little to do with metaphor?  Well, you simply post it to this week's blog, the Free For All.

 This is a place for free verse, diverse themes, any rhyme scheme you can manage and any literary device you like.  Who's up for some onomatopoeia?  Looking for a forum to publish that poem about the time you tap danced with the monster in your closet?  Somehow it slips through all the themes?  Look no further!  We want all the poems you've written that we'd have never dreamed existed.  Send them to us

-We will keep all themes open through the month of April.  You may still submit entries to any of the other themes. 

(Please remember we are asking for original poetry only. By submitting work for this project you attest that you are the original creator and owner of the intellectual property. Further, by submitting entries you license the Round Rock Library to include those entries into its published compilation, sales of which will benefit the Friends of the Round Rock Public Library. We thank you for sharing your creativity.)


David Sharp said:


In the depths of despair we realize the truth of our deceit to others.

Dreams told in childish fashion only to epées the meager listening ears of others that do not care to hear it

When the demons return to our souls at the end of each solo flight we know we are cursed for eternity

Never alone because they ravage to gain control of our hearts

Nothing satisfying their hunger to destroy the will we need to survive

For pain without love is inconceivable like anguish and suffering is without happiness and joy

There is a delicate balance between the two worlds we have yet to understand

Some lingering on the border line and others already devoured by the absolution of their own souls

One can simple not live without the other we exist, yes but nothing more than flesh and blood

Breathe wasted to simply survive in a world that is seemingly pointless to all extent of reality.

Diana Lewis

Of Round Rock, TX

# April 18, 2011 11:22 AM

Eric Towler said:

Two Worlds

by Allison Turner


It hits me really hard, like the waves crashing on the rocks.

I never thought it was the key to the door

I just somehow knew.

Why have I never found the door?

Because I’ve never found the key.

The key is floating right in front of me.

Do I take it and go through the door to a whole new world or do I remain who I am?

If I go into this world, I wouldn’t be me.

Do I really want to go?

No, I don’t.

I want to be me.

Why do I want to change? So people will like me?

But this is who I am.

Not anyone else.

I throw the key on the ground…it shatters.

And the door disappears forever.

# April 20, 2011 4:51 PM

David Sharp said:

It’ll Be All Right

By Jeanne Craig

I’ve got a ticket to the game tonight, I’m okay,

It’ll be all right,

The life I’m living’s gonna pause for a minute, cause I’ve got a ticket to the game tonight.

I’ll get to see friends made over the years, go Whoa! How the kids have grown;

Shed a few tears for some who won’t be here, get me a dog and an ice cold beer.

Forget about how life’s been treating me, start on a season of  memories.

Talk to the team and welcome them back, get an autograph or two

And talk some trash.

Cruise around the concourse, then sit in my seat for an inning or two

And rest my feet.

Seventh inning stretch I’ll stand and sing, Root- Root -Root for my home team,

Get in the box and jack it out of here,

Get another dog and an ice cold beer.

I’ve got a ticket to the game tonight, I’m okay,

It’ll be all right.

The life I’m living’s gonna pause for a minute,

Cause I’ve got a ticket to the game tonight,

Oh I’ve got a ticket to the game tonight.

# April 26, 2011 3:21 PM
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