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Developers, we want your input as we update the Transportation DACS

The City of Round Rock is currently performing an internal review of the City’s Transportation Design and Construction Standards. This update will NOT be a rewriting of the document. It will be an effort to bring the document up to date, and clarify and remove conflicts where they exist. 

A public comment period will be held open for 30 days from May 13, 2010, to June 12, 2010. During this time all comments and questions can be sent to the city either directly to the Development Services Office Manager, 2008 Enterprise, Round Rock, Texas, 78664, or here at the Making Places blog. Thank you for your participation in this important task.  

We will announce the date and time for a public hearing to review the changes prior to their adoption via our Development News enewsletter as well as here on the blog.


jdkc said:

There are many roads in, and around Round Rock that don't meet the minimum requirements for 2-way traffic, let alone warrant a 35 mph speed limit.  In particular, I reference CR 123. It is too narrow, in places.  There are blind curves, and hidden driveways, plus foot traffic, kids on bicycles, joggers, etc.  Roads like this should have a maximum speed limit of 25 mph.

# May 14, 2010 9:16 AM

Will Hampton said:


Here's a response from our transportation planners:

The Design and Construction Standards (DACS) are primarily used to guide the design of new roads or the reconstruction of existing roads. County Road 123 is a county road (as its name implies), and as such it was built to an older, rural standard. If the City upgrades this road, it will be done to a minimum standard as defined in the DACS.

# May 17, 2010 11:10 AM

Will Hampton said:


One more thing ...

Only the intersection of CR 123 and Redbud Lane is in the City Limits of Round Rock.  The rest of the road is in the County and outside the City Limits of Round Rock.

# May 17, 2010 11:32 AM
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