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Pizza + Tech Talk

Technology focus group scheduled for Thursday, November 1st at 6pm at Gattiland (buffet served)!  You MUST register with me if you want to participate.

We don't want to plan the future without YOU!
Technology Focus Group Scheduled

Carson Block, the tech consultant, will be here November 1st at 6pm to facilitate the technology focus group. I only have a few spots available. If you are interested in participating, please contact me at 512-218-7010 or

Focus Group Schedule
The Round Rock Public Library is embarking upon a planning effort.  The purpose of our effort is to develop a plan that will provide a clear direction for the Library for the next ten years.  As a public library we value the thoughts, ideas, and suggestions of persons like you.  We want a lot of public participation as we develop the plan.  We need a lot of public participation!  Thus, we turn to you as a library supporter who can help us.  How?  By participating in one of our Focus Group discussions that will be held on: Tuesday, October 16th at Homefield Grill from 4 – 6pm (appetizers)Wednesday, October 17th 620 Cafe from 7 – 9am (coffee & pastries)Thursday, October 18th library meeting room B from 7 – 9pm (coffee & dessert)Friday, October 19th library meeting room A from noon – 2pm (Hoody’s boxed lunches)Saturday, October 20th library staff breakroom from 1 – 3pm (cookies) Please let me know which session you will be able to attend.  The discussion will last about 90 minutes.  The discussion will be facilitated by one of our consultants from Godfrey’s Associates, Inc.  For purposes of planning your time I suggest you allow a total of two hours from the time you arrive until the discussion has ended.  On behalf of the Library, thank you in advance for taking the time to help us with this project.   


Michelle Cervantes